Show Notes 9.14.13


SET 1: We Laughin’ > Skunk!, Good Time Blues [1] -> So Simple [2] > Decelerator, Out on the Tiles [3], Slide [4], Mr. Anyone [5], That’s Where You Come In [6], Off the Earth, Polaris, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Frankenstein
SET 2: Birthday [7] > Accelerator > Savior Self [8], Peripheral Declination, Cat Song, When Will This End?, Hard 2 B EZ, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, Psychic Vampires, Sledgehammer [9], A Shot [10] -> 1999

[1] “The Moma Dance” quotes from John, unfinished
[2] “Gotta Jiboo” quotes from John and Jonathan
[3] “Moby Dick” ending
[4] “Mike’s Song” tease prior to Slide
[5] After Mr. Anyone, John said “I think the drummer needs a drink” and “He loves the sauce”. Someone from the audience served Alex a drink before the start of the next song.
[6] After TWYCI, John thanked the crowd and said “That’s a song from our new album” followed by some new album banter. Someone in the audience asked if there are any “funky new ones” to which Natalie responded, “Of Course… I got two months, I got two years, I want two blunts, I want two beers”. Off the Earth followed.
[7] Prior to Birthday and the start of the second set, there was much banter from the band about the venue being the best backyard and their enjoyment of the Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park “juice” being served. “Happy Birthday to You” was sung by the audience to the guests of honor while John and Jonathan quietly teased and quoted aspects of the song in the background. “Birthday” immediately followed.
[8] After Savior Self, John remarked, “I highly recommend the Italian meat sandwich”
[9] After Sledgehammer, Natalie remarked, “We have this one more for you. This is a great backyard, I never want to leave… let’s all stay here tonight!”
[10] A Shot featured an extended drum solo that segued into 1999