Show Notes 8.19.15

Romanticizing the one that got away (The Tomb Of The Red Queen Is Painted In Vermillion)…

…may be a little different than the review that I simply forgot to write, but that is the story here. It was the end of the summer, the show just a mere two days before MAGNABALL–which absolutely served as a MIND ERASER–now, on the night of the next show, it occurred to me that I might have been remiss, and indeed I failed to review 8/19/15 at the Mercury Lounge.
Maybe the timbre of the show was so similar to the previous show at Fury Publick house, written up just before the Mercury Lounge show, that I lumped them together and failed to review this show proper? Maybe I’m getting old? Maybe I’m just a slacker? Some version of this is true; I am done trying to figure out which.

I do know that the Mercury Lounge show was so sick, so full of surprises, that those who were in attendance collected outside the venue for a solid half hour, maybe longer, just to talk about the musical trickery that John Barber was seamlessly executing that night. There was also the long awaited return of Therefore, which had not been performed in over a year; and We Laughin’, which had been on hiatus for a long stretch as well. Yet it was the WAY both of these appeared in the set, coming out of unfinished jams, utilizing the oft overlooked art of the segue; these setlist heroics are such a treat, always admired, and add so much color—lifting the above average show to the stratosphere, or off to the planet Mercury… not in retrograde.
If you find yourself in Brooklyn tonight, come down to the rock shop to see if they keep it going, or is there is something else entirely in the works. Also, stay tuned for a special Space Palace announcement for October 3… Save the date!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015: MERCURY LOUNGE, New York, NY

Set: Unbreakable, Cat Song, The Streets Of New York City > Way[1] -> We Laughin'[2] -> Way, Good Time Blues[3][4][5] -> Therefore However And So Forth

[1]Close to the Edge quotes from John and Jonathan
[3]Extended Intro
[4]Tom Sawyer quotes from John and Natalie
[5]Wilson teases from John and Jonathan