Show Notes 8.1.15

Right now, hey…there’s no tomorrow

Sometimes I think about being purely in the moment; a place where there are no consequences because there is literally no tomorrow. And without tomorrow there is nothing to lose. Loss, the state of grief; these are all consequences of a future unfulfilled. If there is only right now, then there is no possibility of grief for there is truly nothing to lose. If we are alive, purely present in the moment, without thought or fear of what comes next, then we are liberated from loss. This is complex thinking, but if we can all adhere to such complex agreements, we can get there.

I could feel, for a few moments during Way, that Ellis Ashbrook was approaching a state of fearlessness at tonight’s Bowery Electric show, and it was refreshing as fuck. This kind of transcendence has been seen by this band before, but with all the shit–the thick humid air of summer–it’s been harder to find recently. The heaviness of these times is real; yet the kind of purity of connection of immediate interconnectedness is achievable through music, live music, and this band has delivered consistently… and did so again tonight.

A Savior Self opener speaks volumes about where this band is. A stark contrast to the neatly packaged maroon 5-esque, blasé blah blah blahs of the previous act, it was clear to the house from the opening riff that Ellis was about to clean house and wash away the sins of the poorly marketed, self serving, nauseatingly vacuous drivel that was polluting the air prior to ten o’clock: fuck that noise. Go home, you’re out. The rest of the set that followed showcased Ellis at their raucous yet polished best. Forget about the previous shows, don’t worry about Sunday funday, the time was now and we were all standing at attention.

I can’t foretell what’s to come as the uneasiness of life crushes us all and as long as there is tomorrow there will be something to worry about right now, but for the rest of tonight there was this show; the unity of those listening to each other and channeling the one-mindedness of the level of groupthink that makes music great, propels our dancing feet, and allows us pause to forget what is worth remembering. That’s what great bands do; that’s what this band does.

Saturday, August 1, 2015: THE BOWERY ELECTRIC, New York, NY

Set: $avior Self, Lugubrious Eggs[1], Way[2], Polaris[3], Decelerator > A Shot[4][5] > Rock and Roll[6]

No Encore

Prior to the show Natalie screamed, “it’s Saturday night everyone!” John replied, “is it?”
[1] Prior to L.Eggs Natalie said “this is only our 491st show together so bear with us.”
[2] In the middle of the first verse, Natalie asked “what is it?”
[3] After Polaris, John said, “Muchas gracias New York City, we’re Ellis Ashbrook from Brooklyn and we have two more for you.”
[4] Unfinshed
[5] With Drum Solo
[6] With band introductions from John at end