Show Notes 7.4.15

This set more than made up for the lack of cohesiveness present the night before, but it was TOO DAMN SHORT. The vibes in the place were weak, and quite frankly The Knitting Factory is a joke; a pale shadow of its TriBeCa and Houston Street days. An entirely corporate environment, one could sense that this is the kind of place where creativity goes to die. The band played extremely well, and that GTB jam had real legs… it could have kept going… it should have kept going.

Saturday, July 4, 2015: THE KNITTING FACTORY, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Off the Earth, So Simple[5], Slide > Mr. Anyone[6][7], Decelerator, Good Time Blues[8]

No Encore

[5]After So Simple there was some interesting banter between John and Natalie, where Natalie asks John, “Did you just say ‘Alright Bitch’?”, and John responds, “I don’t remember what I said, but alright bitch works”… and then repeats, “alright bitch?”. Then as John is taking his time drop-tuning his guitar and getting his pedals situated, Natalie retorts, “Anytime now, bitch.”
[6]Between Slide and MrNE1, John says over the segue music, “This next one is for America… FUCK YEAH!!”
[7]With Star Spangled Banner quote
[8]Very atypical jam section, strong eastern motifs