Show Notes 7.3.15

When the music’s over…

This is the time between shows when I can reflect on what happened at the last shows and hopefully come up with something cohesive to say about them. In this case there were three to recap; all totally different. The only real thing that links them together is that they were all the same band, and they are all over. The first two, spanning the Independence Day holiday were neither the best. Not because of the performance quality, as both shows were played well, but there was something lacking, something missing. They felt disconnected in a way that I don’t usually experience at these shows. I typically find my sense of connection to the band and to other fans is heightened after nearly all of these shows. But there was something off this weekend. So I will provide the setlists with sparse annotations, some insight, and then move on to number three.

Friday, July 3, 2015: STRANGE BREW PUB, Norwich, CT

Soundcheck: Skunk!

Set: Desert Raft[1], Dig Thru, They Say, Kan Eye Tuch U?, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, Polaris, The Undeveloped Brain[2], Hard 2 B EZ[3], Headsteer > Dazed and Confused > Headsteer[4], Peripheral Declination, Frankenstein

No Encore

*Prior to the set, the band played along with pre-show music, Riders On The Storm, followed by a HUGE greeting from John

[1]With Natalie on Phone
[2]No Intro Jam
[3]After H2BEZ Natalie said, “We are a classic rock band from not too far from here, you’re our people, we’re all people, we’re the same.”
[4]After Headsteer, Natalie thanked the headlining band, and said “We’re doing this all for you folks.”

Looking at this set, it looks pretty sick doesn’t it? It was! But no one was into it. It started out strong, but KETU? was way over the heads of the Eastern CT crowd and Snakey put the rest of them to sleep. It wasn’t until the Headsteer/Dazed and Confused sandwich that people started paying attention again, which was mostly due to the familiarity of Zeppelin and Natalie’s stunning vocal performance. It was so personally disappointing that when they started Frankenstein and nobody even seemed to notice, I had to leave the venue to get air and nicotine into my body. Ellis played a killer set, but some bad onstage setlist choices lost the audience. Watching that happen is truly disappointing, mostly because it is an avoidable situation.