Show Notes 7.18.14

Little fleets… of small delays

I have to apologize to those who enjoy these write ups as there were a pair of Brooklyn Ellis shows a week apart that were AWESOME in completely different ways and I have not been on top of writing them up for you. The summer has brought with it lots of activities that have kept me from the business at hand. While some of said activities are small, like mythical miniature-sized dogs, even a dog the size of a salt-shaker has to poop and someone has to keep all those little poops from stinking up the joint. Right? Right. On with it!

These nights, oh baby these nights! There is something about summer and Ellis Ashbrook that go together well. Maybe it’s the music, okay the music is definitely the lion share of it, but there is also the time spent with friends old and new convening to groove hard and get down with each other that has new folks appearing and the initiated coming back STRONG! Both of these Brooklyn venues offer plenty of opportunity for pounding hearts and butt-melding EA style, which is great news for all of us. Unfortunately, there is no forthcoming boat-show this year. I know, BOO, HISS, MOAN; but that’s a good thing, because the album is wrapping up and before you know it fall will be approaching and there will be hallofunkenween shows and winter white parties and album releases and plenty of opportunities for worshiping sexy gods while your butt goes inside my butt TONIGHT… but at a later date. So without further ado, your complete annotated set-lists for both shows:

Friday, July 18, 2014: THE ROCK SHOP, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Skunk![1][2], Off The Earth[3], Desert Raft[4], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[5], Way[6][7][8], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Good Time Blues[9]

Encore: Absolute Value

[1] Preshow banter included: Natalie introducing herself to the sound guy on mic, John thanked all the other bands in performance order then saying, “Thanks, sounds great.”
[2] After Skunk!, “Jonathan Granoff on bass” from Natalie
[3] Prior to OTE, Natalie said, “Let’s hear it for Juka… this song is going to be on the new album, it’s called Off The Earth.. it’s already on the new album, you just can’t hear it yet.”
[4] Prior to Raft, Natalie said, “ check check check ooooooooh, how is everyone doing out there ? This is also on the new album, later this year.”
[5] Prior to Snakey, John said, “This next song is called Snakey Got Demonized Big Time.”
[6] With slow breakdown section
[7] Close to the Edge quote
[8] After Way, Natalie said, “I think Alex Major deserves a shout out; I am pretty sure there was a fill in there that just blew my mind!”
[9] Prior to and through the opening of GTB, Natalie said, “Thank you very much, we’re Ellis Ashbrook {song starts} and that’s John Barber {motioning to John}”