Show Notes 7.17.15

Turn out the lights…

Fast forward two weeks to another Friday night at Arlene’s Grocery of the Lower East Side and things are completely different. Ellis is headlining a bill of accomplished musicians in a venue that has been good to the band in the past; despite a 2+ year absence, the vibes were strong and welcoming, almost like a home coming. With The NYChillharmonic [orchestra] and Juka providing support and bolstering the audience with music lovers, this was exactly the right bill for Ellis in the right place, at the right time. And the band delivered on all those expectations and then some, crushing a ‘lights out’ performance that was focused on Meridia material.

This show was a redemption song; will the next one on Saturday at Bowery Electric remain the same? Be there to show your support and find out.

Friday, July 17, 2015: ARLENE’S GROCERY, New York, NY

Set: Peripheral Declination, Accelerator > Cat Song, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[9], Kan Eye Tuch U?[10][11], When Will This End?, More Gain Free Man[12][13][14], Absolute Value[15]

Encore: Scarlet Begonias > Climax[16]

[9]After I’ll be Around, John Introduced Natalie
[10]Prior to KETU John said, “This is for all the musicians in the house, experienced or amateurs, it’s called Can I Touch You?”, Natalie responded, “That’s not really what it’s called.”
[11]After KETU John screamed, “ALL THE TRUE HARD CORE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE HERE, ALL THE NEAR DO WELLS HAVE LEFT — GET THEM OUTTA HERE!!!… (Quieter) There’s a lot of dudes in the audience, I’ve noticed… that’s our key demographic… a lot of dudes.”
[12]Prior to MGFM, John motioned to Caleb and Martin to come to the stage to join the band
[13]With Caleb McMahon on Trumpet and Martin Seiler on Tenor Saxophone
[14]Mid jam, John instructed the band, “Drums and Bass, drums and bass” and a brief jam section followed that highlighted Jonathan and Alex.
[15]With band introductions from John, which Natalie followed introducing John
[16]Prior to encore there were many calls from the audience for Climax, which was received uproariously when John cut Scarlet Begonias with the opening notes to Climax without pause