Show Notes 6.21.14


The concept of ‘Home’ is elastic in the sense that it can mean different things to different entities. At its simplest, it’s a house were a family resides; at it’s most complex, it’s a state of mind borne of comfort and security. For our little family, it’s a bit of both. The Space Palace, while being an actual house for a few people has become a ‘home’ for many others. A place where the pantheon of local, underground artists has convened to boast their wares and nourish this community creatively while fostering the strong vibes that are easily witnessed yet seldom accurately described. After four months of forced quiet, this past Saturday The Space Palace rocked again for the annual Roofest; conjuring the spirits of the past and exorcising those sleeping angels and demons that are permanently housed within those (un)hallowed walls.
Leading up to this event, the band had been playing a lot. This past spring has been a time of renewal for Ellis Ashbrook. They played more shows in that season than in any season during the past year plus; getting out there for the northeastern masses, blazing their space/funk/jamprog show to the delight of many, while honing their performance and their chops. The internal attitude has also benefited from this rebirth of spirit and commitment to HUGENESS. Its been a joy to witness; with any luck it’s a real augury of the future. Roofest was most certainly a product of all these happy developments.

Two sets of Ellis is always a treat, but when fully ensconced in those protective vibes of ‘home’, the magic that ensued was extra special — extra huge. There were bust-outs, jams, resurgences, extra-sensory-perception, sexy talk of sexy gods; just recalling it now… my heart is pounding! In total, the experience was all I hoped it would be and more. From the information gathered from all of you, within and without, these sentiments are mutually shared and collectively celebrated.

A special holla to Vincent and the folks at Visionaire for doing such a great job behind-the-scenes. July will be a pause to reflect; August we will set sail on the estuary misknown as the East River beneath the skyline of the greatest city in the world; as the greatest band in New York treats us to a night of music on a sailing ship to nowhere. Be there!

Saturday, June 21, 2014: ROOFEST @ THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn, NY

Set 1: Absolute Value[1], Peripheral Declination > Barracuda, Desert Raft[2][3][4] > Slide, No Please Don’t Watch[5], Off The Earth[6][7], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[8][9], Ethiopia[10], Decelerator[11], Climax[12], Tom Sawyer[13]

Set 2: Psychic Vampires > When Will This End?, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[14], Polaris[4], So Simple, Way[15], On

Encore: A Shot[16][17] -> Sledgehammer

[1]Prior to AV there was much banter including several inside jokes such as “I’m just a polar bear, with a cub, lookin’ for a nub”, “check, check, checkmate”, and tan-man references.
[2]Prior to Raft, Natalie commented, “being on the roof, playing music, with all of you is as good as it gets”
[3]Someone called out Raft and someone from the band responded off-mic, “We were going to play that anyway”
[4]Intro included a short spacey jam
[5]There was an extended break before NPDW that included comments about being on the roof in the process of getting “fully-tanned”, some intraband discussion, and a little noodling
[6]Prior to OTE, Natalie asked the crowd “Who wants to go to Coney Island [after the show]to watch the sunrise?”
[7]During OTE there was some play with the lyrics “Turn It Over” including changing them to “Turn Me Over”
[8]Prior to Snakey, someone in the audience guessed “Snakey?, Yeah?”
[9]During Snakey, John responded with a sexy “Yeah!”
[10]Prior to Ethiopia, John said “Alright, here we go…”
[11]Prior to Decelerator, Jonathan quipped off mic, “Ya gotta get more sexy”, John responded, “Ya gotta get more drunk”.
[12]During the first two verses of Climax, John turned away from the audience, stepped up on-top of his amp, and played facing the sunset
[13]Prior to Tom Sawyer, Natalie thanked the crowd saying they were going to do one more and take a short break. John followed with banter about the “tan-man with the dog” in the audience and then Natalie said, “I like the way you whisper”
[14]During I’ll Be Around, Natalie said, “Oh My Sexy God!”
[15]With Close to the Edge Quote from John
[16]With drum solo