Show Notes 6.20.15

I’m Packing My Bags for the Misty Mountains, Where the Spirits Go…

When I first met Robert Paul Teten III (known to all of us as Bobby T) sometime towards the end of 2010, I immediately made the connection between his last name and the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Mostly because Bobby is a MOUNTAIN of a man, in stature and in spirit, and the obvious similarity between those two words. I think a lot about words; I am kind of obsessed with them. But the problem with this review, of an Ellis Show, that happened to be Bobby T’s wedding, is that whatever words I choose from here on out will pale in comparison to actually being there. I am attempting to describe the indescribable; a daunting, albeit compulsory task… and I promise to do my best.

Bobby and Anna (nee Carty, more on her later) chose the Loon Mountain resort lodge at the base of Loon Mountain, in gorgeous Lincoln, NH as their venue. At sound check I was looking around; checking out the environs I noticed the entrance to the lodge, where the reception and band would play, was directly adjacent to the gondola. This was no accident as the actual ceremony would take place on top of the mountain, and all the guests; wedding party, band, other staff, and yours truly would be riding up and down this contraption as a key part of the day’s festivities. The event required this ride, which really struck me as awesome and perilous and unpredictable (gondolas break down!), which in a way perfectly sums up Bobby to a T.

Anna, on the other hand is a calming (at least in contrast to Bobby), centered spirit. An incredible counterpoint to Bobby, but equally huge, mountainous even, in a completely different way. Getting to know her, more recently than Bobby, I have found a person who is so true in nature, so deeply pure in spirit; it is no wonder that these two found each other the way they did. This kind of purity is powerful and rare. In conjunction, their forces combined, I was confident everything would go smoothly— Gondola included. I was confident the wedding, reception, gig, and after-party would go off without a hitch; well except of course the obvious hitch – the wedding itself – because on this day, without a doubt, Bobby and Anna were getting HITCHED!

Bobby once said to me, in some context long forgotten that “[in life] a strong sense of preparedness [is important]”. A day before, it came to light that one key element had been overlooked: The emcee. The band suggested that I should be tasked with this role and I, never more over-confident or under-prepared, agreed to go-for-it. I had never done this before and literally winged the entire thing, sans the official introductions that were loosely sketched out. I also documented the set as best as I could while performing my duties in concurrence with the exceedingly important task of tying-one-on (this was the Teten wedding, after-all), so forgive me if some of the details are a bit… sketchy. Ultimately, what transpired was literally the most fun wedding I have ever attended. The band had everything to do with it, as the event that started with solemn beauty atop a mountain, then transmuted into a summertime buffet in a classic New England ski lodge, ended up full-tilt: A Rock Concert. I doubt I will ever see anything quite like it again. The only real comment I can make on the actual performance, other than it was absolutely off-the-wall awesome, is that only three EA originals were performed.

This was essentially a show of covers; some new, many already tested and approved facets of the ever expanding EA repertoire. There was minimal banter, maximum voltage, and mega HUGE spirits abounding every corner of the room. As we were “over the hills where the spirits fly…” and happened to land in this room.

Saturday, June 20, 2015: THE MOUNTAIN CLUB ON LOON, Lincoln, NH

Set 1: 1999[1][2], That’s Where You Come In[3], Little Wing[4], Something[5]

Set 2: Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain, Late In The Evening, Let’s Stay Together, Son Of A Preacher Man, White Rabbit > Slow Ride, The Ocean > Barracuda[6], Burning Down The House

Set 3: Werewolves of London[7][8][9][10], Jam[10][11][12], So Simple[13][14][15], Not Fade Away[10] -> Dixie Chicken > Not Fade Away, 22

Encore 1: Sledgehammer[16][17]

Encore 2: Rock And Roll

[1]With long instrumental into during wedding party introductions
[2]Atypical, abrupt ending
[3]Bride and Groom dance
[4]Father of Bride dance
[5]Mother of Groom dance
[6]Dedicated to Anna Teten
[7]Ellis Debut
[8]With Tom Carty on bass and lead vocals
[9]Without Jonathan Granoff
[10]With John “The Colonel” Thorton Teten on second guitar
[11]With Robert Paul Teten III on Harmonica
[12]Jam was centered on Harmonica and Guitar and started with strong Possom theme from John Barber that transitioned into a train beat/shuffle and eventually into standard 12-bar blues
[13]With atypical Jam section
[14]We Got The Funk quotes from Natalie
[15]Weekapaug Groove quotes from John Barber
[16]With Closer lyrics from John Barber and Natalie
[17]With Superstitious teases from Jonathan