Show Notes 6.19.15

[We] get by with a little help from our friends

It’s been a little while since Ellis Ashbrook rocked Boston, but the showing of old friends (some going back to childhood) made this short set, with several technical difficulties, feel like a homecoming. Unfortunately, Sally O’Brien’s is a small bar with a stage in the corner too small for this band in both literal and figurative senses. The environment felt disappointing after an arduous summer Friday afternoon commute through the megalopolis with extraordinary traffic and typical mid June swelter, rendering the normally four hour trip into a crushing six. If anyone wonders why the band is reticent to make such journeys, a large part is that upon arrival the venue is too often small and uninviting.

[We] get high with a little help from our friends.

It’s the people, our friends, greeting with hugs and smiles and long cherished love that bring this band back to its formative stomping grounds. There is a huge amount of personal gratification that goes into making music; Geddy Lee said, “it’s not a noble profession… we’re entertainers.” The level of appreciation is particularly high when the audience is filled with loved ones from near and far, blowing the energy through the roof, leaving whatever small issues there may be in the dust. And that’s the moment we all cherish. That makes it entertaining for us and (hopefully) for you too.

[We’re] gonna try with a little help from our friends

I guess the point I am driving here is if you want Ellis Ashbrook to play Boston more than once a year, you have to come out! You have to want it in action as much as you like the idea of it. The band needs the support of each of you who attended, and those many who didn’t show, to merit the trip northeast to behold your love and spread it round with the big sounds of the rock and roll music. I’m not going to call anyone out here, but there are folks who should have been there that weren’t and those folks have friends who would love to hear this band too. Meet us halfway (figuratively, you don’t have to drive to Hartford). To those who showed, the band delivered. If you want it more often, keep showing, keep spreading the world, help us take Boston back.

Friday, June 19, 2015: SALLY O’BRIEN’S, Somerville, MA

Set: Off The Earth, When Will This End?, Skunk!, HARD 2 B EZ[1], Kan Eye Tuch U?, Mr. Anyone, So Simple


*Prior to the show Natalie introduced the band while John was trying to get his pedal board to function saying, “John’s almost ready here, is there a nurse practitioner in the house?”

[1] After H2BEZ Natalie said in response to someone in the crowd, “We’re always recording because we all have brains.”