Show Notes 6.14.15

You’re so afraid to catch a dose of influenza

Lazy Sunday afternoons; a Brooklyn summertime tradition. The humidity hanging from our shoulders and we’re gathered for a psychedelic brunch at The Living Room near the waterfront in swanky Williamsburg. Well almost all of us; Natalie Lowe, singer, keyboardist, woman about town was sidelined by a dose of influenza. The irony, this venue has a house piano.

No matter my friends, Sergeant John Barber was wearing his Police shirt, and like the band quoted in the title, it was power trio time. Messers Major, Granoff, and our resident fluffy hen Barberino emptied the bottle of rocket sauce all over the stage and the result was a raw, raucous, rage fest of Hugemen filling the room with all killer, no filler–nearly an hour of it. And while Ms. Lowe was missed, the music didn’t suffer in her absence; a testament to the endurance of this band.

If you’re in the Boston area, come out Friday when the full band will be together again performing in beantown for the first time in over a year. The club; Sally O’Briens, the town; Somerville, the band: EA.

Sunday, June 14, 2015: THE LIVING ROOM, Brooklyn, NY

Set: They Say, So The Shaking Keeps You Awake[1], Kan Eye Tuch U?[2], That’s Where You Come In[3], Psychic Vampires[4], What Is Thinking?

E: Dig Thru

*Lots of pre-show banter including quips from John about Natalie being in outer space and returning Tuesday, John soundchecking the piano “Just in case we decide to do some Elton John”, and an “Oh my lord!” From Jonathan when sound guy asked him to turn his bass amp down.
Prior to first song someone in the audience called out for “Freebird” to which John responded, “Did you say that? Cause we might actually play it and you’ll be sorry after about five minutes.” And then said, “Hey it’s a free show, what do you expect?”

[1] After shaking, Jonathan said “How are we doing on time?” To which Steve Cohen responded, “you’re just getting started!”, and John followed, “Give it up for Steve Cohen everyone!… Really!”
[2] Original arrangement (more or less)
[3] With John on keys, no guitar
[4] With John on keys and guitar during breakdown before jam