Show Notes 5.31.14

Super prog party time…

…is the ever-present theme any time Ellis Ashbrook plays a gig with Consider the Source. Normally, EA has a firm handle on being the progressive band in any room, but when paired with CTS, EA feels more like the “fun” band while CTS are clearly psycho chops masters. Well, actually, it’s all fun; particularly when a musical symposium of this proportion takes place in deep eastern Connecticut — the debaucherous town of Norwich at the former High Noon Saloon now called Strange Brew. A fine place to penetrate indeed; staffed with nice folks who were warm and welcoming of our traveling brood. But it was clear from the opening chords of When Will This End? (an unusual, but apropos opener that was very well received and got things going strong and HUGE right out of the gate) that this night was going to be a prog-party for the strong characters in attendance, including a healthy chunk of CTEAA. I hope we see more of this pairing in the not-so-distant future as both of these bands complement each other with aplomb. In the meantime, Roofest ’14 looms large on the horizon in celebration of the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere — our summer solstice — and in commemoration of the first party at the Space Palace since February. It’s going to be enormous, some might say….

Saturday, May 31, 2014: STRANGE BREW PUB, Norwich, CT

Soundcheck: Jam, Polaris[1]

Set: When Will This End?, Peripheral Declination[2], Off The Earth, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[3], Desert Raft > Slide, So Simple[4][5], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[6], Psychic Vampires, On[7], Sledgehammer[8]

[1] Unfinished
[2] After Peripheral, John said, “It’s great to be here at Strange Brew with CTS”
[3] After I’ll Be Around, Natalie bantered, “We are in fact a rock and roll band and this is in fact a rock and roll song…”
[4] Prior to So Simple, Natalie echoed the sentiments about how great it is to be at Strange Brew with CTS and went on to introduce the next song (So Simple) as being from the next EA album
[5] Ghostbusters teases from John
[6] Natalie introduced Snakey after performing it
[7] Natalie used her “lemon” shaker during On
[8] During the break between the first two verses, Natalie said “C’mon motherfuckers!” coercing the crowd to “get down”… the crowd was, needless to say, receptive.