Show Notes 5.30.14

New hope in New Hope!

Cutesy plays on words notwithstanding, the Ellis Ashbrook touring machine rolled into New Hope last night prepared to dine and conquer, straight into the birthplace of Ween, ready to rock while tentatively expecting a less-than-enthusiastic crowd as this has been the prior experience at this straight-out-of-surburban-America watering hole just 90 minutes away (on a good day). The winds-of-change must have been in the air, or maybe it was the warm evening vibes, but the usual disinterested-too-busy-BSing-with-our-friends program gave way, ever so slightly, to a more fully tanned we’re-gonna-rock-out vibe. Several Newhopeians made their way, albeit trepedatiously, over to the band to feed the rock monster inside and behold two epic sets from our fearless foursome. Set one started out a venture into the deep grooves of EA’s more moody, groovy, soulful selections; while set two was an hour of jam time — just four songs! Everyone was firing on all cylinders — feeling the HUGE and doing it right — an absolute pleasure for this reporter to behold and excellent preparation for the heroics tonight as we make the long anticipated return to the Constitution state to step-it-up and support those giants of prog, Consider the Source. Missing this show would be a mistake you’ll surely be loathe to make.

Friday, May 30, 2014: TRIUMPH BREWING COMPANY, New Hope, PA

Set 1: Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, 22, That’s Where You Come In[1], Ethiopia, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Out On The Tiles[2], Peripheral Declination[3], Off The Earth[4], The Undeveloped Brain[5][6], Hard 2 B EZ, No Please Don’t Watch, Skunk!

Set 2: Jam[7] -> So Simple[8][9], Polaris, Good Time Blues, Burning Down The House[10][11][12][13]

No Encore, but someone in the audience requested “Smoke On The Water” and John, Jonathan, and Alex made a brief and amusing attempt at it.

[1] Prior to TWYCI, Natalie said “So we are Ellis Ashbrook from Brooklyn, it’s great to be here among all this great beer!”
[2] Prior to Tiles, there was a Stand By Your Man vocal quote and a Reba instrumental tease from John
[3] After Peripheral, John said “We came from Brooklyn to hang out with you which is nice; relax and enjoy.”
[4] Going into OTE (in response to John’s previous banter) Natalie said, “We don’t talk too much, which is cool… me me want a bro-oche!
[5] With intro jam
[6] After Brain Natalie said, “We’re Ellis Ashbrook from New York, we have a suitcase full of stuff {gesturing towards the suitcase full of stuff}… it’s okay.”
[7] Crosseyed and Painless vocal quotes from Natalie
[8] Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ jam
[9] Extended banter from Natalie after So Simple, loosely quoted as “We got CD’s for sale, double vinyl if you’re into that sort of thing… Do you like long walks on the beach… or short walks in the forest? [John is interjecting “alright, okay… alright”] I am just waiting for them to call out a song.”
[10] Stairway to Heaven quote prior to Burning Down the House from John
[11] You Enjoy Myself teases from Jonathan
[12] Meatstick teases from John
[13] Run Like an Antelope teases from John