Show Notes 5.25.14

Memorial Day Weekend, 2014

As we pause to celebrate the dawn of this season of warmth and camaraderie, and we banish the cold dark winter to its death, we shall calibrate our re-connections and commemorate our common depths. After a weekend of music and friends and fun, we find ourselves on a Brooklyn night by the glowing fire remembering that each of us will have to Dig Thru a river of shit at some point or another and together we will mend the journey’s scars. I am thankful to remember today with its fire dancing, smoked meats, soulful songs, teamwork, cold brew, pedagogical gambits, and key food.

Last night the Bowery Electric was kinetic. Our band was dialed in, forging a set that had a little bit of all of what EA does best: Cight tompositions, froggy punk, racey spock, and jasty tams. The next week has more in store for the faithful in New Hope, PA and of course the original alliance will be in force up in Norwich, CT, where the Ellis legacy is sure to continue. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, May 25, 2014: THE BOWERY ELECTRIC, New York, NY

Set: Accelerator, We Laughin'[1][2], So The Shaking Keeps You Awake?[3], That’s Where You Come In, Decelerator, Desert Raft[4][5], Savior Self[6], Slow Ride[7]

[1] “This one is going out to all of you lovely people,” from Natalie
[2] After We Laughin’, Natalie said “I’ve got these thoughts. They get all the way inside my brain… I mean they get really deep in there.” John retorted, “I got this… mind.”
[3] During Shaking, John knocked a drink over that spilled onto his pedals, after Shaking Natalie cautioned John not to stick his guitar strings into an electrical outlet, recalling another incendiary incident.
[4] Before Raft, John asked the audience , “How do we look on the TV screens… we look fat, don’t we?”
[5] After Raft. Natalie said, “I use my mind to see my own eyes…. The next thing we are doing in New York is the Roofest in Brooklyn, you guys should be there, well I know you’ll be there, but you guys {gesturing to onlookers at the bar} should be there too!”
[6] Natalie introduced this by saying “This next song is Savior Self”
[7] Full accelerando jam at end, book-ending this show that started with Accelerator.