Show Notes 5.21.16

When I See The Connection

The wiry ties that bind, that build, that wrap around each like a thorny vine tapping into sapping bodies flowing with iron and irony — the briny undermined oceanic songs we are each; separate, but one.

When I See My Reflection

The echoes we’ve tested, the waves of light that emanate like scents, like subtle sounds, bouncing off metallic surfaces like the music we love, radiating from the people we know, those we are connected to, those reflexes and defenses we reflect upon.

Though I See I Don’t Stare

Stop, look away, too much too much, like the tilt-a-whirl at any pop-up summertime carnival will make you spill your guts, so will the closeness of quietness, the tested bonds of love, the enveloping nature of music–the music of the spheres. For. We. Are. All. Spheres… Planets to one another in a brief eclipse.

For a moment it will all relent, a two set music event like this Ellis show is enough to make you loosen and listen and call off your army of one; established to assist with these multitudes and myriads of competitions, of corporations… the weight of it all. So exhale, it’s Friday; embrace your bottle, your bondage, your pills, your spills, and prepare for the next moment — for surely this moment ends…

…but I feel winds, blowing differently than ever before.

Next show, June 16, Hall at MP, Willyburg.

Saturday, May 21, 2016: FURY’S PUBLICK HOUSE, Dover, NH

Soundcheck: Skunk!

Set 1: Decelerator[1], Cat Song, Technical Difficulties Jam[2], White Rabbit > 22, Lugubrious Eggs[3], When Will This End?[4], Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain -> Burning Down The House, So Simple

Set 2: Absolute Value, Off The Earth[5], 1999, Skunk![6], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[7], Kan Eye Tuch U?[8], Kan Eye Tuch U? Jam -> Barracuda[9] > Tom Sawyer

Encore: What Is Thinking?[10], A Shot[11] -> Sledgehammer[12]

[1] Without climactic vocals from Natalie
[2] Guitar, Bass, and Drums jam because problems with Natalie’s rig and soundboard forced a brief delay
[3] Prior to Eggs, “There is a ghost in the machine” from John and Mercury in retrograde banter from Natalie, both referencing the ongoing technical difficulties during the set. Shout out to Andrew for bass drum, from Natalie.
[4] After WWTE? there were more tech issues and some ‘Facebook live’ banter with ‘huge’ Mark Kaye, prompting the next song to be dedicated to him.
[5] With ambient psychedelic intro
[6] Shout out to Jonathan Granoff on bass from Natalie
[7] With sexy intro banter from Natalie
[8] Prior to KETU, Natalie said “this is a wild instrumental tune I hope you will find the means to dance to”, which is obviously a mistake. One can surmise she was probably thinking of either What is Thinking? or More Gain Free Man (not played)
[9] With Achilles Last Stand jam and So Simple teases from Jonathan
[10] Played for Phil K.
[11] With truncated drum solo
[12] 30th anniversary of original Peter Gabriel release earlier that week