Show Notes 5.2.15

Two Rooms

I’ve walked into a room unaware of why; feeling some kind of strange pull towards something, anything. There is usually a reason, whether it is evident or not. Often the reason is hard to really know, to really feel, to be fully aware of. Other times, the reason is simple: Music. The power of music can be a healing force in all of our lives. As I write this, I’m listening to Monsoons, by Puscifer. Perhaps I am in a state of praying for deliverance on high, or perhaps I am just searching for what has been lost; for only you can bring the color in… and you are not here anymore.

I started writing these for you. I wanted you to see that it could be done. I wanted you to write the things that only you could see, to share them with the world. To share with all the people who want to read about music, to read about the band – the people we both love so much. I wanted you to be the healing force for everyone, the way you were for me. And you wanted this too.

We would have had much to say about these two shows, in two very different rooms. We would have been honest about the things that were good and those things we didn’t care for; but we would have reached some kind of consensus in the end, namely that we both believe in this band, these people, and this love. It was important to both of us in different, yet similar ways. And while I know the importance in continuing this effort, I find that it’s getting harder to speak of as the purpose is singular in nature, and no longer the discussion. You would have been so very proud of our friends on the stage at the Brooklyn Bowl. I couldn’t help but think about that the whole time I was there. And while I want to believe you are lingering, I know you are not. And I’m glad in a way.

To say that Ellis Ashbrook played two rocking shows would be a gross understatement. But you know they were rocking. You don’t really need me to say that. The show at the Bowl was a full scale production, with professional lights and sound and a proper audience. The show at Mercury Lounge was short, under attended, and even better. As good as the Bowl was, with all the associated pomp, it was better in the little club: Special, strong. I was lucky to be at both of them.

The next show is at The Space Palace. The Third show at our favorite venue since the storied 2/22/14 show that was supposed to be the last one. It’s going to be powerful, as always. We’re all going to feel the presence of magic and we are going to be rejoicing in the spirit, in your spirit, through music; the force that pulls us into that special room, searching for deliverance from on high. You should all attend, as this could be the last one for real, not by design, just by the virtue of the shapes of the things that affect our lives, by the virtue of the universe. Come and help us bring the color in.

Saturday, May 2, 2015: MERCURY LOUNGE, New York, NY

Set: Desert Raft, Mr. Anyone, Lugubrious Eggs[4][5], Way, A Shot

*No Repeats between both shows. Mercury Lounge was the first show that did not feature Kan Eye Tuch U? since it’s Hallofunkenween ’14 debut.

[4]With the following dedication from John, “This one is for Marissa Provenza. We love you Marissa, we miss ya.”
[5]New arrangement