Show Notes 5.15.15

There’s no place like home

Wandering unsteady unable to be completely at ease, completely free – home signals like a beacon on a distant shore, through a misty haze, glowing amidst halos of protection guiding the way. I can’t more accurately describe the feelings overcoming me as I stepped into the Space Palace last night. I entered through the basement so I could see Big Vern first, like I did the very first night all those years ago. That night I was the guest of Marissa Provenza. This night I had a guest, known here as J, coming into our world for the very first time. She too is connected to Marissa and traveled a long way to see the place she called home. I had the honor of drawing J in acting as Marissa’s proxy. In a way, we are always drawing circles; this circle that had been carving its way into her ethos, for years now, was finally complete.

Up to the bar we stepped, finding a cheerful Natalie Lowe and her special punch. With a few sips we had arrived into the super chill zone, surrounded by friends old for me, new for J, and feeling all those instant and gratifying protections – those mystical encircling vibes. In no time at all we were fully enveloped in the unspeakable essence of the Palace energy. We were home.

The band seemed to be feeling the homecoming vibes as well. Opening the night with a spiritual and synchronistic Climax; the first song that piqued my awareness at my first Palace Party in 2010, and also the first Ellis song I made the point to share with J. I was genuinely excited and surprised by the out-of-the-box choice for the opener. And while some things can be planned, others are impossible to predict, and life is funny that way all the same. This event had been planned for some time; it remained impossible to predict the outcome. What happened was a perfect synergy of band and scene, in a way that I had not felt since 2/22/14. Everyone was happy to be there; whether folks were tested palace vets, first timers, or somewhere in between the sense of oneness and community were as strong as the band was hot. And hear me very clearly, they were HOTT (the parlance of the teenage girl seems more than acceptable here). Last night was the manifestation of the vision we all share for what can occur at these happenings. It’s the circle we are always trying to complete; in a way that’s the most important thing of all.
The show ended with the classic encore pairing of A Shot > Rock and Roll and unlike Led Zeppelin, it’s never a long time since we Rock and Roll, but it was a long time since it felt like this. If you missed it, well that’s a shame. But stay tuned, the forces of the universe are with us and our ambassador on the other side is keeping her end of the bargain: There will most certainly be more of this to come. This circle is not yet finished. Our protection is softer than chainmail, but stronger than those earthly metallic binds. It’s cosmic and infinite, it’s ours, it’s the Space Palace, it’s home… where we make magic, it’s just what we do.

Friday May, 15, 2015: THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Climax, Skunk!, Hard 2B EZ[1], Scarlet Begonias[2] > Fire On The Mountain > Off The Earth, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, They Say, Desert Raft > Slide[3], Kan Eye Tuch U?, So Simple[4], Burning Down The House[5]

Encore: A Shot[6] > Rock and Roll

[1]Strange welcoming banter after H2BEZ, from Natalie, about life being a web of similar conundrum that’s like what we’re all like inside.
[2]Prior to Scarlet Begonias John said, “This is the 50th anniversary of one of our favorite bands and we’re going to pay tribute to them right now.”
[3]Slide was introduced after-the-fact as being on the last album Meridia followed by a big shout out to Steve and the Liquid Light Lab for getting a picture in Rolling Stone magazine.
[4]After So Simple, Natalie invited everyone to stay and party but warned us that there was just enough time for one more song.
[5]With Fire on the Mountain quotes and Chameleon teases
[6]With Drum Solo