Show Notes 5.15.14

“Can you make this connection in your electric mind?”

Can you? Were you there? Did you see it in its paper box? Soaked in sounds and liquid language for spying eyes and wailing cries! Was that you grooving over there, fully tanned by the heat and light emanating from the stage upon which our frenetic foursome dispelled their internal myths for a quick and dirty musical romp in the concrete warehouse district of deep Bushwick, or East Williamsburg if you believe such places are real? Can you feel? Did you let those sonic pulses break your seal? There is no doubt the force is deep with you, as the splendid sounds abound the rocking room while the chit chit chatter of unsuspecting minds gesticulate upon these gentrified grounds. It’s okay to let it blow you away. The choice ceased to be yours anyway, once you laid down the cash for a pass; the stamp on your hand – access granted, your chains denied.

Pure inspiration is the game we play always and all ways. Tonight the band was tight, hot, and potently pure. Saturday our traveling show eases down the New Jersey Turnpike on the wheels of Vano, where there will be a city awaiting and bursting with brotherly love. Find your way there, the keyword will be FIRE: Elemental, chaotic, jammy, proggy, funky, whatever you like. This is your show now Universe; fully tanned indeed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014: THE PAPER BOX, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Booty on a Wednesday[1][2], On, They Say[3], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[4], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[5][6], When Will This End?, Polaris, What is Thinking?[7]

[1] Debut, only one “verse”.
[2] After this brief rendering of BOAW Natalie said, “That was soundcheck”, and John followed “But we did write that.” Additionally, John screamed “HELLO BROOKLYN! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? And then John quietly said, good morning.
[3] Natalie improvised some additional lyrics
[4] Natalie quipped “I know you can move” in between verse and chorus,
[5] Prior to Snakey, John said “I’m about to take you back to the future”
[6] After Snakey, John thanked the audience and said “this song, I mean the last song is called Snakey Got Demonized Big Time and will be on our next album. Thanks for having us, it’s good to be back in Brooklyn; we didn’t really leave, but thanks anyway.”
[7] Prior to WIT?, Natalie introduced it by saying, “So this song is called What is Thinking?”