Show Notes 5.10.14

“I…only wanted to stare at the beauty behind the scenes, it permeates me.”

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes to make our beloved Palace Parties a reality and this weekend paid special homage to that fact. First and foremost, the man who is the driving force behind these events entered his dirty thirties on Saturday and HUGE love for him was evident all night long. Jonathan is a quiet wizard. A tough man to get to know, full of process and passion, and unafraid to work hard to see his, and in turn our dreams become reality. In the face of the great obstacle of having to move the party to a new location on short notice, Jonathan rose to the occasion and made it happen. We have him to thank for countless hours of behind-the-scenes work that led to the culmination of special things last night, both in this new Palace-in-orbit endeavor and all the parties we have so enjoyed over the course of the past five years. He was the first person I met in this band, albeit under strange circumstances, but since then I am lucky to have gotten to know this strong, enigmatic figure and made a valued friend. I am thankful for Jonathan Granoff. Space is, indeed, the place.

Part of this process has been a reevaluation of things. A lot of meetings and discussion on how to not only move the party, but also the scene. It’s a much more difficult task to transport a vibe, which is a point that has been dancing around our brains for the past three weeks. It’s one thing for Ellis to play a show at a new venue and call it The Space Palace in Orbit, it’s another thing to actually re-create the Space Palace with all the feelings, the energy, and the spirit. Alex Major and I were in the famed basement the night before, echoing wistful sentiments about the power and the presence; the undefinable essence of that room. If there is a magic spell that could truly jettison the Palace into orbit, it could be defined simply by ENERGY — the love and intent of the collective forces that make it all real. Thankfully, last night there was no shortage of supply.

Prior to the show outside the Red Door on W24th Street, John Barber looked at me with sober intensity and said “I can feel it tonight, the stars are aligned.” Shortly thereafter, Natalie Lowe, while prepping in Vano said “I really feel great today, it’s already a great night.” And the others, those special people who work hard so you can rage were feeling it too. Perhaps there was an energy in the air, but I believe it was the ENERGY within all of us that bled together and created a strength of purpose, a palpable font of inspiration that was wherever we were: In the room, on the stage, on the street… anywhere and everywhere. Our intent was for the stars to be aligned, so they were.

This was one of those ‘Magic Shows’. The band was not perfect. There were some hiccups and flubs and miscues, maybe even more than usual, but the ENERGY was higher than I have seen in a long while, maybe even all time, which led to something very special. A true exchange of the intangible, unspoken, magic between the audience and the band was omnipresent; like two champion tennis players, with each volley the band seemed to rise to a previously unmet level of intensity. It was something to behold. In the midst of that, there was the real sense that we were at a Palace Party. It felt like home again. It felt like our moment, like we belonged. With that the spirit arrived and the Space Palace was truly “in orbit” at the Red Door; the people, the music, the vibes, the cosmic synergy was intact — fully legit.

Now that we have surmounted the insurmountable, won’t you please join us for an actual homecoming? The next party is on the roof! Roofest 2014 on the Summer Solstice, Saturday, June 21st, The Space Palace, Brooklyn, NY. You know I’ll be there.

Saturday, May 10, 2014: THE SPACE PALACE IN ORBIT AT THE RED DOOR, New York, NY

Set: Psychic Vampires[1], We Laughin’ > Savior Self > Therefore However and So Forth, Hard 2 B EZ, Skunk![2], Polaris[3], Bottomfeeder, Climax[4][5], Burning Down the House[6][7], Birthday, So Simple[8][9][10]

Encore 1: Desert Raft > Slide

Encore 2: Dig Thru[11]

[1] Prior to Psychic Vampires, John asked who ate the Magic Space Cookies, to which Natalie responded ‘What are you a fucking Narc?”, to which John responded “Yes”
[2] Prior to Skunk! John announced it was Jonathan’s 30th birthday. After Jonathan’s solo in Skunk! John introduced Jonathan and wished him happy birthday. Natalie made a special acknowledgement of Jonathan explaining that 90% of everything that goes into the parties happens because of him. After Skunk! A bottle of Champagne came to the stage and a toast was set up for later. Additional shout-outs from John to Inky Jack, Brooklyn Gypsies, and other random associates.
[3] After Polaris, John asked if everyone is going to be OK and then said “There is nothing to be worried about”
[4] Restarted due to technical difficulties with Natalie’s keyboard, prompting her to say “There’s a ghost in this machine.”
[5] After Climax, John toasted Jonathan, but did not use the champagne that was set up earlier, instead he used his beer.
[6] With “Fly Like an Eagle” Lyrics
[7] With Kwame from Inky Jack on the mic
[8] With Takuya Nakamura on trumpet
[9] Weekapaug Groove teases from John
[10] Uncle Pen teases from John
[11] Prior to Dig Thru John attempted a shout out to all the Steves in the audience that was aborted because “There are a lot of Steves in the house”

Additional notes: Natalie did not use her signature telephone receiver microphone during Hard 2 B EZ. There were no repeated songs from the previous gig, which was the last party.