Show Notes 4.19.14

I see a RED DOOR and I want it painted black…

Black, like the wrought iron gate that leads to the entrance of The Space Palace; surely you remember the gate that led to that space. It was like a portal to another dimension, the entrance to a different kind of venue, a different kind of energy – an energy so eloquently immortalized by Natalie Lowe in her lyrics, “I’d build rockets just to have another party at our place, with the people and the crowd, and the crates and the circle, help them get down…”
It is with bittersweet exultance (if such a thing is even possible) that we, the allied, marched into the future of “The Palace Party” billed as “The Space Palace in Orbit” on Saturday night and instantly there were many noticeable changes. I arrived shortly before six rife with trepidation; I knew “in theory” what to expect, but was still not sure what it would actually look like. There has been much chatter within our circles about this change-of-tempo since we last convened on February 22, for the “finale” of the last chapter. It is only natural to wonder silently and aloud about what the new reality would look like. And as is the case with the future, if we are blessed to further the journey of existence, eventually it becomes the present, and as I write this synopsis – the past.

That’s just it! It happened, it’s real, and we all survived this great paradigm shift. Sure there are unfamiliar faces, but they are lovely. Sure it feels less intimate, but with a few more beats we’ll adjust. Sure it’s not exactly the same vibe, but the vibe is STRONG! And the music, above all else, must speak for itself. Noelle Tannen’s inaugural orchestral performance was full of beautiful chaos, The Shills absolutely killed it, and Ellis did what Ellis does; build a party from scratch so they can “help [us] get down” while soaring, scorching, pounding, grooving, and shredding into the earliest hours of Easter Sunday, followed by a little dance hall fun. If “The Palace Party” was crucified on 2/22, then it is risen this Easter, indeed. Will it ascend to the heavens before the next 40 days expire? Stay tuned….

Saturday, April 19, 2014: THE SPACE PALACE IN ORBIT AT THE RED DOOR, New York, NY

Soundcheck: When Will This End?

Set: The Undeveloped Brain[1], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Off the Earth, More Gain Free Man[2][3], Good Time Blues, That’s Where You Come In > Snakey Got Demonized Big Time > Way[4][5][6][7], On, Absolute Value

E: Rock and Roll[8]

[1] With intro jam
[2] Prior to MGFM, Natalie asked the crowd if everyone was OK and had enough to eat, John responded saying “You shouldn’t ever ask that at a rock concert”. Natalie responded by saying “This is More Gain Free Man”
[3] After MGFM, John said “That was More Gain Free Man”
[4] “Old” Arrangement
[5] With “shuffle” jam
[6] Close to the Edge quote
[7] Natalie took time to thank all the other bands and Anthony. At this point, Janna Pelle remarked from the audience that “John Barber is sexy” and Natalie responded that she thinks everyone is sexy to which John responded “Natalie, that’s just not true.” Some additional entertaining banter between John and Natalie ensued
[8] At the thunderous conclusion of RnR, Natalie introduced the other members of Ellis and herself before saying goodnight