Show Notes 4.12.14

Saturday night was a slightly different affair. After a positively gorgeous day complete with a brief sojourn to historic Ashbrook Run (where sadly, little Ellis never got to… run) the band set up shop at the famed Boston Hard Rock Café where the drinks were expensive, the food blasé, and the crowd (with the notable exception of our fans and family who traveled great distances to attend) nonplused; but no matter, the band was in top form and performed a short, but HARD rockin’ set. Unfortunately, that was the only hard rockin’ at the decidedly “small” Hard Rock Café this Saturday night. At least there was tons of cool memorabilia to behold, more cymbals than this reporter has ever seen in one place (and I have been to several Rush concerts), and no repeats (!) from the night before. A big shout out to HUGE Mark and Hear Now Live for bringing the vibes despite the less than awesome venue and of course to all those who made it out. The trifecta will be complete this coming Holy Saturday the 19th at the Red Door, NYC as the Space Palace BLASTS INTO ORBIT on the eve of the resurrection… coincidence? I think not.

Saturday, April 12, 2014: THE HARD ROCK CAFÉ, Boston, MA

Set: Therefore However and So Forth > Way[1][2], No Please Don’t Watch, That’s Where You Come In, Headsteer > Dazed and Confused > Headsteer, So Simple[3]

[1] New arrangement, including previously retired slow-tempo section
[2] “Close to the Edge” quotes from John
[3] “Ghostbusters” teases from John