Show Notes 4.11.14

“The tires are the things on your (…) [van] that make contact with the road”

Or something like that as the song goes. In this case the van is Vano, the road[s] are the myriad interstates criss-crossing New York and three New England states, and the tires are (apparently) very sturdy as Ellis and company brought its psychedelic prog-funk-face melting caravan on a mini-tour of the “Plantations” and that little step-brother of New York; a city that identifies with chowdah and a long history of baseball inferiority. Okay, okay, your author is a bit biased, but there is no doubt that Boston honed the chops and minds of the aforementioned rock and rollers. Hence, this trip was a return to their roots.

Friday night was all about family, both chosen and biological, as The Spot Underground, which is not underground at all these days, was filled with old friends, family members, and hard-core Ellis fans. Needless to say the vibe was STRONG! The band literally closed the place down, playing 45 minutes beyond curfew (2:45am) and was absolutely on fire. It seemed like they could have played all night to a full house, but eventually the kind and courteous staff needed to get home. Unfortunately an encore, while demanded, was not permitted, but no one really complained as this was one hell of a show!

Friday, April 11, 2014: THE SPOT UNDERGROUND, Providence, RI

Set: Accelerator, Peripheral Declination > Cat Song, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Ethiopia[1], Good Time Blues, Psychic Vampires, The Undeveloped Brain[2], Skunk!, Desert Raft[3], On, Absolute Value > Sledgehammer[4][5]

[1] John announced Ethiopia was being played by request
[2] With intro jam
[3] Natalie introduced (but did not name) Desert Raft as a new song
[4] “Superstitious” teases from Jonathan
[5] “Closer” lyrics from John