Show Notes 3.28.15

You can’t see your eyes, ruled by your mind.

Sometimes I can’t see my own face in the mirror–the myriads conflict, confuse, constrict that which is obvious, which has always been known. Like meeting a sacred talisman appearing through the mist, coming into focus outside of time, trying to give you that glimpse of truth–if only you could get out of the way.

For that is the essence of the thing. The blast off point separating our earthly whims from those mysterious cosmic happenings. Like a leprosy unrelenting, unheeding, unhealing; wanting for more of your sweat and your blood in the undying pursuit for perfection–that impossible grandeur that gives in the face of your excellence… my goodness, your greatness.

It is here that I find myself; stirring around the ether, drowning in my own ethos, gathering snippets of ideas like the little drops of green melting off the iris that sits comfortably between my mind and the world. I’m forever trying to see through the mist, but in the midst of it all there are friends; the people who melt those pieces into the whole. They nurture the bud, the bounty; entwining the disparate, the disperse into the cup clenched in the unsteady hands of the community of frenetic men and women attempting to create sculptures of sound emanating from a lost city, whose palace is crumbling, whose citizenry is screaming for resurgence, revolution; a resolution for the irresolute. Convening at a shop, which doesn’t sell rocks, on a blustery Saturn’s night in the county of KINGS!

And we danced and screamed and moved and dreamed of all that ever was, what shouldn’t be, and what’s to come. No better the Clarion call to heed our own wistful warnings; as the faithful scatters palms at the feet of the Lord, we do it just the same–our way; for the screaming of sacrificial lambs or the wailing of a Fender in your hands, either way the song remains the same… in the name of music we pray, JAH-MEN.

Saturday, March 28, 2015: THE ROCK SHOP, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Absolute Value, Peripheral Declination[1], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[2], When Will This End?[3], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[4], Kan Eye Tuch U?[5], Psychic Vampires[6], Desert Raft[7] > Slide, A Shot[8][9] > Sledgehammer[9][10][11]


[1] After Peripheral John said, “Good morning Brooklyn, how are you? We’re going to entertain you for the next hour or so, after that the rest is up to you.”
[2] After Snakey, John briefly bantered on the Snakey Routine.
[3] Alex started WWTE to John’s surprise, causing John to say, “We’re doing this now… okay.” This caused a slightly botched start.
[4] After I’ll Be Around John introduced, “Natalie Lowe on vocals and keyboards”, and started singing Isn’t She Lovely.
[5] By audience request, with “Alex Major on the drums” from Natalie at drum break.
[6] Before Psychic Vampires Natalie quipped that it was the first song she ever learned, that in all her years of playing music, it was the very first song.
[7] Before Raft Natalie said, “Call my landlord, I’m feeling nasty.” Not to be outdone, John followed with, “Pick up your cellphones.”
[8] With second shoutout to Alex from Natalie and short drum solo
[9] With big ending
[10] “Let’s hear it for John Barber on the guitar.” From Natalie
[11] With atypical trance like jam at end