Show Notes 3.16.16

Oh What a Night!

And while not late December, and certainly not back in ’63, it was still a great time for music and to see the band together again – this time supporting Sara McDonald and the NYChillharmonic (after-the-fact) for her album release party. Sara and her 20+ ensemble is a prog rock orchestra that creates something that I can best describe as FemiZappa, or in other words highly recommended.

However, for me, it was all about our guys, our team, EA, and their albeit truncated set of power prog/funk that absolutely stole the show. It almost seemed as if not a beat were skipped from then to now (nor has my pun game skipped beats), which bodes well for the future and hopefully more shows, more often, etc. It was a great moment to witness, and even better to dance again; how I missed it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016: LITTLEFIELD, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Good Time Blues[1] -> Decelerator > Kan Eye Tuch U?, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[2], Desert Raft > On


[2]Natalie introduced I’ll be around as off the new album