Show Notes 3.12.14

Wednesday night… no downers!

Just psychedelic jam-funk or funk jams or both(!) are what was served up by our favorite genre-mashing musics masters. And while the temperature was dropping a whopping 15-degrees-in-one-hour outside, Ellis turned the heat way up in the basement of the famed Bowery Electric for their first Manhattan island gig since the epic Rocks Off Boat Cruise last August. The sound in the room was perfectly mixed and the band seemed especially locked-in, providing up-tempo renditions of heavily-rotated tunes (second gig in a row to open with Psychic Vampires and every song played was seen at the last gig) mostly from their forth-coming release. In fact, they did such a good job they were awarded an encore by the house (a rare thing at Bowery Electric). Gigs have been sparse as the band is busy recording, so it is extra special to see them in top form for one-off nights like this. Stay tuned this April for a hometown show in Providence, RI and the Space Palace at the Red Door bash on the 19th.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014: BOWERY ELECTRIC, New York, NY

Set: Psychic Vampires > Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, So Simple[1][2], Off The Earth, Desert Raft, The Undeveloped Brain[3], Absolute Value

Encore: A Shot[4][5]

[1] With banter from Natalie encouraging dance
[2] With Nick “2G” Williams on the mic
[3] Without intro jam
[4] With extended drum solo
[5] With special thanks to Bowery Electric for allowing the encore and Alex Major introduction from Natalie