Show Notes 2.7.14

Big Night in Williamsburg, some might say HUGE.

Ellis Ashbrook returned to Williamsburg for the first time in… let’s just say a long while to play a benefit show for OXFAM (The Oxfam Jam, night 1). And while it may seem like an unceremonious happening just a week past the blowout at the Palace, this show was anything but. Taking the stage in the headlining spot, Ellis played a short set (about an hour) that featured seven tunes from their diverse catalog (no covers) across a variety of genres, and a guest musician (Julz-A of SqueezeRock). This set featured a little bit of everything; from driving rock, to lilting funk, to prog, to jam, to punk. All hands were locked on deck delivering a tight and driving performance on the heels of a high-water-mark for Palace theatrics. Additionally, Anthony Cerretani was on hand to interpret all those sounds and deliver a stunning piece of visual art to accompany the band, making this gig on “the town” feel distinctively like home. Most importantly, the room was comfortably full of friends new and old, basking in good vibes for a good cause.

Friday, February 7, 2014: SPIKE HILL, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Accelerator, Peripheral Declination[1], Way, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), The Undeveloped Brain[2], So Simple[3][4]

Encore: On[5]

[1] Prior to Peripheral, Natalie introduced the entire band and the song.
[2] Prior to Brain, Natalie called out to the audience for Julz, explaining that they need him after this song.
[3] With Julian “Julz-A” Hintz on Accordion
[4] With Crosseyed and Painless lyrics from John
[5] Prior to encore, the sound man said no more songs and started playing music. The audience turned to face him and responded with great dissatisfaction demanding one more song. After about a minute, he relented and allowed the band to perform an encore.