Show Notes 2.3.15

The interconnectedness of togetherness.

So I’ve been busy! Dreaming and scheming, working and lurking, in the shadows… THE SHADOWS… Of this piecemeal scene. It’s either meat or vegetable says Gary as he pries open a can with that can opener butt of hers. Am I not making, not making sense? Sure, why not!
I can’t see the light but with mine own eyes because it’s cold cold cold cold cold in the freezer and I am left to think of reasons I was so remiss in my duty to post the setlist from the last show. Maybe I was a goose flying south a little too late, or maybe I’ve been a cat, napping in the herbal mist? For this mist must relent eventually and find its way to clearer days and sunny nights on dreaming dancing summer flights of fancy… fancy pants. I’m not on drugs, I promise, Mom.

The last show was great. So great. Despite being so short, but the band was hot… Eager! Like the waning patience of the oppressed masses crossing the river Jordan or some such? Is that how it goes? I slept thru most of my Sunday school classes. And as I write this, sitting with the Ellis Ashbrook band awaiting tonight’s show, furiously thumbing my phone I will pause and get a word from each of them… It’s up to you to figure out who said what: seven stamina systematic sailing. Come out to Cameo in Williamsburg, we’re here and it’s kinda warm in this place.. If you keep your coat on!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015: MERCURY LOUNGE, New York, NY

Set: Slide, Desert Raft, Psychic Vampires, Kan Eye Tuch U?, On