Show Notes 2.19.15

I’ll Be Your Mirror… These Days

I can’t decide how I want to die. I’m sitting on a jet plane, headed south for warmer environs; I know it’s not what I want right now… or ever really. A plane crash seems like an awful way to go.

I am somewhat comforted by the fact that having already survived a near fatal car accident in my life and losing my closest friend, the odds of me dying young are pretty low. Yet lately I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve been thinking about the cosmic undoing that leads to the end, or maybe it’s the cosmic doings that get us there? I don’t know, it’s obviously one or the other or both or neither… Definitely one of those.

Last night Ellis played Cameo, and it was one of those magic shows; the kind that Marissa would have been dancing recklessly at — throwing her sex appeal in every direction like a hurricane spits wind and rain, like a volcano spits liquid fire, and like this rock band, on a freezing Brooklyn night, brings the furious bebopping jive-smacking shucky-ducky hammer of Thor; pounding your inhibitions into submission, recklessly, abundantly, triumphantly, all over your face-tuna-melt. Ahem. Too Much!

Please excuse that mild outburst, I’m just living in the moment. Basking in the simplicity of right now, for tomorrow never knows, and tonight feels just right. Last night is gone, but not without its moments of glory. You’re gonna read this set list and remember all that foamy glory IF you’re a Smartman and were there. IF you’re a Smallman and missed the show you will probably turn a shade of lime green like Robin-the-Frog… Not Kermit, as Kermit is a Hugeman and a Smartman and if you’re green with envy for missing last night’s show you’re neither of those things, but rather a Smallman… I love you, but you blew it… Don’t let it happen again.

Thursday, February 19, 2015: CAMEO GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY

Set: More Gain Free Man, Peripheral Declination, When Will This End?[1], Kan Eye Tuch U?[2], Mr. Anyone[3], On[4], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time > Climax[5], Sledgehammer[6]


[1] Prior to WWTE? John welcomed everyone by saying “We are in bougie Williamsburg where you have to be a millionaire to buy pants, it’s nice though… Look at how nice it is!”
[2] Prior to KETU? John was carrying on about how Ellis fans are only the strongest motherfucking fans, Natalie was trying to say something but couldn’t because John was really carrying on, he apologized saying, “Sorry Natalie, I’m talking to the fans” to which Natalie responded, “But John, Kan Eye Tuch U?”, To which John responded, “Any time you want, motherfucker!”
[3] Prior to MrNE1, John said, “One of my friends, beer me.”
[4] After On there were several calls from the audience for Snakey and Climax prompting Natalie to say, “All this talk about Snakeys and Climaxes…” Which led to John and Natalie bantering on the Snakey routine, and also led to both songs being played.
[5] Dedicated to Marissa Provenza by John
[6] With Superstitious teases from Jonathan