Show Notes 12.4.15

I’m Not Dead and I’m Not For Sale

With the departure of the heroes of yesterday comes new growth and opportunity for today. I can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the life of recently deceased Scott Weiland, a hero of the musical lives of countless 90s kids, than to be in the present, the day after, celebrating the music of today at a brand new venue space in our chosen hometown on Friday night.

The Hall at MP–another unintended homage–is a beautiful new space in the increasingly swanky Bedford Ave section of Williamsburg–an area deeply mired in crime and economic depression during Weiland’s heyday, when we were all rising against something or other in the heat of adolescence. Today we can sip expensive whisky, served by beautiful people, in a section of town only affordable by the up-and-coming millennial yuppie generation, cleverly disguised as artist types. America, such a deliciously sweet bitch. This digression notwithstanding, the venue is exquisite, professional, and a pleasure to spend an evening in; comfortable environs the patriarchy has designed indeed.

But unlike Daddy and his well prescribed dollops of wisdom and safety culture, we assembled to rage, to feel, to experience something bigger than gentrification, misogyny, and whatever other buzz words you can conjure. We convene to celebrate each other, our music, and the unity of the level playing field forged on talent, energy, and passion. Those unique human qualities that are not so preordained, but are more the product of the spontaneous channeling the divine. Scotty Weiland knew this too well. It tortured him as he celebrated, it brought him down as he did, and while the end for him and for all of us remains the same, he died “not for sale”.

Friday, December 4, 2015: THE HALL AT MP, Brooklyn, NY

SET: Cat Song, We Laughin’, Lugubrious Eggs[1], Kan Eye Tuch U?[2], On[3], Off The Earth, Scarlet Begonias > Skunk!, Plush[4]

Encore: Psychic Vampires[5]

[1] Dedicated to MP
[2] Prior to KETU, extended banter from Natalie about the venue, the nice lights, and remembering to tip your bartender. During said banter, John was noodling on his guitar and interjected, “I came up with a new song!”. Following there much deliberation about what to play next, prompting Natalie to say, “this is why we wrote all these crazy songs so we would have the perfect one for you right now.”
[3] Prior to On there was banter from Natalie about the bands social media presence including, “We’re on Instagram now… Apparently, and Facebook.” Jonathan retorted, “no, we’re not on Facebook.” This lead to commentary from John including, “We’re big on MySpace in Russia… Us and Pac Man”
[4] Ellis Ashbrook debut
[5] With La Villa Strangiato quotes from John