Show Notes 12.31.14

And the world is made of energy

The rooms; oh the many rooms filled with peoples of all kinds—mingling in their dressy threads, drinking of the spirit of the dance, looking for that ephemeral electricity—in the blustery first morning hours.

And the world is possibility

Packed in, excited for the changing of the calendar, a new set of new months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, breaths, heartbeats, orgasms, flickers of light; searching for that one great moment, the next big thing: Going for the one.

The Truth of Sport Plays Rings Around You

The great sport of conquest, the perpetual carpe diem, the look of love in her eyes, all the cyclical games – tracing their steps around the stillness nestled deep in your soul. It’s happening all the time; around your heart, around your mind, around the sun, around the cosmos. The circle is complete, now and forever.

Can you make [these connections] in your electric mind? Well… can YOU?

*So I’m thinking I should go and write a punch line, but they’re so hard to find in my cosmic mind.* So I won’t, for I have not the will for more than these illusions of seconds passing away; vaporizing as they pass by the heat, the light; the effervescent vapors binding our spirits to our lives. For the end is just the beginning and the end; entwined perfectly together, wrapping you in circles of time; forming a single, perfect, sphere… blessings, 2015! YES! We made it…!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014: THE WILSON, Brooklyn, NY

Set: 1999 > So Simple[1], Kan Eye Tuch U?, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Polaris[2], Good Time Blues[3][4][5], Desert Raft > Burning Down The House, Sledgehammer

Encore 1: A Shot[6][7] > Rock and Roll[8][9] > On

Encore 2: The Streets of New York City > Climax, Psychic Vampires [10]

[1]Different ending
[2]Prior to Polaris John and Jonathan teased Wilson and the Wilson chant followed from the audience
[3]Full We Want the Funk chorus, with vocals in jam
[4]The Moma Dance quotes from John
[5]After GTB, John said “The Moment Ends” and did full band introductions. At Jonathan’s introduction, he did the Wilson tease on the bass.
[6]John thanked Anthony Cerretani prior to A Shot for live painting and encouraged everyone to buy his art
[7]With Drum Solo
[8]”Alex Major on the drums”, from John
[9]Fake-out “Thank You Goodnight” from John before Alex started On
[10]By audience request
Encore 2 took place about 45 minutes after the end of the show proper. There were considerably less people in the room, however, the additional, unplanned performance drew additional crowd.