Show Notes 12.19.14

I talk to the wind.

My first trip to the Space Palace was to attend The Winter White Party, four years ago. I was invited by Marissa Provenza and it was a life changing event. Acknowledging this is easy now, but I could not have imagined the extent of that change two square years past.

This installment, my 5th, was absolutely groovy, man. Since the return to the Myrtle basement, which itself has been born again, there is a decidedly different vibe. Things feel new. The crowds are smaller, the bill shorter, the energy purer, and with that there is a sense of gratefulness. Alex Major said to me afterwards, “We are lucky men.” Yes, my friend, we are.
We’re all pretty lucky. We have the chance to bring a fantastic show to all of you in a way that maintains artistic integrity at a phenomenally low cost. That’s something important, and real, and hard to accomplish. And while the hiatus may have slowed things a little bit, I can feel her rising again, in all her beautiful glory. Like an angel singing a siren song, she talks to you on the wind, and you can feel her in your bones, caressing your weary soul, making everything alright.

The next show is in a different DIY spot, on New Years Eve! It’s going to be something else and the announcement is forthcoming. In the meantime, remember how lucky you are during this holiday season, and take a minute to tell the people you love how much you love them. Do it now, do it often, because there will be a time when you can’t do it at all. From all of us at Ellis Ashbrook and The Space Palace, warmest holiday blessings and cheer to a time more keen, in twenty fifteen.

Friday, December 19, 2014: THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn, NY

Set One: Meridia[1][2] > Unbreakable[2], Peripheral Declination, We Laughin’ > Savior Self, Mr. Anyone[2], The Undeveloped Brain[3], Skunk!, Climax[2]

Set Two: So Simple[4], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[4], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[5], Slide, Desert Raft, Psychic Vampires[6], Kan Eye Tuch U?, Decelerator, 22[7] > A Shot[8]

Encore: Sledgehammer[9]

[2]With Dancers
[3]Without intro jam
[4]With horns
[5]With brief welcome and “thanks for coming out” banter from John
[6]With Noelle Tannen on vocals during jam
[7]By audience request, prompting Natalie to say, “We are taking all requests now”
[8]With Drum Solo
[9]With “Closer” lyrics by John over outro jam