Show Notes 12.13.13

“If you give me weed, WHITES, and wine”…”If you show me a sign”…
This year’s Winter White Party was once again a night for the ages and those proverbial signs of Palace dominance were abundant. The first sign was the comfort of a cozy temperature inside while the cold raged outside, which had the house bumpin’ – the perfect environs for the funk jams we all love. Another sign was the huge turnout of white wearers donning all kinds of fancy dress: From Mark D’Alessio’s snazzy duds to Suzanne Karpinski’s ‘burning’ costume, the vibe was fun-formal-funky creating a stunning visual aesthetic and the collective urge to party down. Yet the most telling sign of all came during support-act Janna Pelle’s performance – the ultimate homage, a heady cover of “A Shot” that was all her own. Would Ellis respond in turn with their own raucous reading of Natalie Lowe’s early contribution to 2008’s “Assemblage”? Would it include an extended drum solo from Alex Major? Read a little further and all the answers about the setlist will be revealed.
As the night waned into morning, I paused to reflect on the events of this past year; it’s been HUGE to say the least and 2014 promises more intensity and dancing bliss as Ellis Ashbrook is poised to release album number 4. The time to level-up is now! But you don’t have to save the Princess, she’s in another (palace). All you have to do is be “Willin’, to be movin’”. Here is your annotated setlist. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 13, 2013: THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn, NY

Set: The Undeveloped Brain[1][2], On, Polaris[3], No Please Don’t Watch[4], Don’t Give Up (I’ll be Around)[4][5][6], White Room[7] > Sunshine of Your Love[8] > We Laughin’[9], Savior Self[10], When Will This End?[11], Climax, Slide, Mr Anyone[12], Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[13], So Simple[4][14] -> Have a Cigar[15] > So Simple

Encore: A Shot[3][16][17] > Rock and Roll

“Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” post show music.

[1] Included intro-jam not performed since 2012
[2] Manteca-esque teases from John and Jonathan
[3] Announcement from Vern
[4] With Takuya “Tak” Nakamura on trumpet
[5] Natalie asks band to “go one more time with Tak”
[6] Natalie says “this is a song about friendship, the greatest kind”
[7] First time played in Natalie-era
[8] Ellis Debut
[9] John was smoking a cigarette during much of WL, which had Natalie in such hysterics she was unable to sing the second chorus.
[10] By Audience Request
[11] Prior to WWTE there was much deliberation from the band about what to play next prompting Natalie to banter something about it being a process and sampling sweat samples from those in attendance to use chemical analysis to determine what everyone wants to hear
[12] Extended intro
[13] Prior to Snakey Natalie says “We have a couple more songs and then we are coming out there to drink with you” prompting John to respond with “Natalie is going to drink with each one of you.”
[14] Potential “Light My Fire” quote from Natalie
[15] With original “Which One’s Pink?” lyric
[16] During open chords of A Shot, Natalie says “We love you Janna!”
[17] Extended “Neil Peart style” Drum Solo