Show Notes 12.12.15

Let’s Stay together, Lovin����� you whether… Times are good or bad, happy or sad

It’s been nearly three months since the last Ellis Ashbrook show and an anxious time it has been for a lot of people in the world. It’s a time of change on multiple fronts and the band’s hiatus has put further strain on many of the relationships within and without our little group.

Well tonight we can forget all that and celebrate!

Lately, I have been feeling celebratory vibes in my own life for a few reasons and I want to extend that to all of you. I didn’t write a review for the last show, thinking I might wait until the day of this next show to say a few things about that last night at Fury’s: A trek to the Granite state for one show and then a swift return that involved all night on the road and mixed, but quiet feelings for all involved.

The band played well! Extending the recent trend of second set mash-up and segue heroics, which made the uncertain future easier to deal with. We should always strive to do our best, to be our best, and to create our best work no matter what the venue. No matter how many people care about what is happening, no matter what the future holds. I felt like that is what happened at Fury’s back in December. It seems like such a long time ago, but life moves quickly no matter what, and while we spanned across nearly the whole winter from then to now, the Spring is NOW – awakening all things, including the music.

And the good news is there is progress! There are upcoming shows on the books, including an appearance with Janna Pelle next month, and hopefully 2016 sees the completion of the 4th, so far untitled Ellis Ashbrook LP. Fingers crossed! Won’t you join us tonight in celebration? You won’t be even slightly sorry.

Saturday, December 12, 2015: FURY’S PUBLICK HOUSE, Dover, NH

Set One: Off The Earth, Good Time Blues[1][2], Peripheral Declination[3], The Streets of New York City, They Say, When Will This End?[4], Lugubrious Eggs, Out On The Tiles[5]

Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain -> Burning Down The House -> Plush[6], Kan Eye Tuch U?[7] > Jam -> So Simple[8][9], Desert Raft > Slide, On, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time[10], Skunk!, Tom Sawyer

Encore: Sledgehammer[11]

[1]With Tweezer teases from John
[2]After GTB there was extensive banter about Good Time Blues, Bad Time Blues and nominating a Vice President from John and Natalie
[3]False start from John, do-over with loud count-in from Alex
[4]Prior to WWTE?, Natalie said, “If you liked that (referring to They Say) you’re really going to like this.”
[5]Before Tiles, Natalie shouted, “Ellis Ashbrook for Vice President!”
[6]With brief Fire on the Mountain coda
[7]Prior to KETU there was extensive John and Natalie banter thanking the audience and venue, exclaiming “Live Free or Die�����������, “Live freeze or drive”, and “Ellis Ashbrook for Vice President”.
[8]With full band Ghostbusters quotes
[9]After So Simple, Natalie said, “I get the suspicious sensation someone’s keeping tabs on us…” which prompted John to remark, “Suspicious Minds�����
[10]Snakey was introed after the fact by John, including more Live Free or Die banter and We Love New Hampshire banter, and a hearty thank you to the audience for dancing.
[11]Prior to the encore, Natalie said, “If you can’t burn down the house, sometimes you got to use a…” and then played the opening synth notes to Sledgehammer.