Show Notes 11.23.13

It’s Sunday, the “day of rest” as it has been called, and if you were at The Space Palace last night and into this morning (way deep into the morning for some of us) chances are you needed some rest today. Maybe it was the bitter, biting cold as Old Man Winter descended upon Brooklyn for the first time in earnest this Fall — bringing with him some light flakes of snow; or maybe it was the celebration of John Barber’s 30th birthday that brought some extra, deeper, HUGE-er, headier vibes to the show and scene; or maybe the new sounds coming from Natalie Lowe’s brand-new synthesizer piqued our collective curiosities calling us to the stage to rage with a little extra mustard on what became an epic 2+ hour event; whatever it was, with these futile attempts to know the unknowable cast aside, we do know that Ellis Ashbrook is a band in top-form ready to conquer the earth. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that. Here is your annotated set list from these masters of the groove, which is most certainly deep within the heart.

Saturday, November 23, 2013: THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Polaris, Peripheral Declination, When Will This End?, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around), Have a Cigar*, Good Time Blues, Desert Raft, Dig Thru[1], That’s Where You Come In, So Simple[2], Off the Earth, Climax, Bottomfeeder, Absolute Value

Encore: Burning Down the House[3][4][5]

[1] Prior to Dig Thru, Natalie introduced the band and announced that they would be playing “Dig Thru”
[2] Burning Down the House tease from Alex
[3] Prior to encore, Big Vern reminded everyone to tip their bartender and shouted out to the Swave crew working security.
[4] Nick “2G” Williams on the mic over the lead-in to BDTH and several bars of the song proper. Prior to his antics, Natalie asked 2G if he was going to do some “Stand-up comedy” for us.
[5] Groove is in the Heart vocal quotes from John and Natalie in what became a mash up of GIITH and BDTH during the ride-out.
*Have a Cigar, while not technically a debut as it was performed in the pre Natalie era of Ellis Ashbrook, this was the first time performed since Natalie joined the band in 2006.