Show Notes 11.14.14

The Queen of Cups

As I arrived at the Rock Shop last night for the show, the first person I encountered inside the venue was Natalie Lowe. I was heading upstairs and she down and we ended up having a chat on the stairs. It seemed appropriate that I see her first as this was the last night of her 20s and that’s pretty momentous and exciting.

Later that evening, at the bar, I found Natalie again. This time she was in the midst of preparing set-lists on plastic cups, insisting that everyone stay hydrated, and being splendidly goofy. If there is a general rule of thumb with this band, I will say it boils down to this: When Miss Lowe is in a good mood, it’s going to be a great night.

And what good news for all of us! The show had a decidedly old school feel sprinkled with some new stuff and that tight looseness that has been standard at the last few shows. Spirits were high; even Jonathan was smiling on stage — another very good sign.
At midnight, the band did a quick vamp on The Beatles’, Birthday, before launching into a raucous Headsteer > Dazed and Confused combo that while a standard Ellis concoction, is rare. This version was standout! One of the best I have heard.

Lots of warmth all around on an otherwise blustery evening. And it’s going to get colder still, which brings me to a stunning announcement: The annual Winter White Party is happening! December 19th, in a warehouse in Bushwick, The Space Palace (in Orbit) will rise again in celebration of colder days and hotter jams to come. Wear your whites and prepare to party down Bushwick style. I have it on good authority that this DIY space is really cool and will allow the Space Palace vibe that we all love, which was resurrected on Hallowfunkenween, to continue into the future in a place more conducive to raucous partying and loud rock music than the actual Space Palace… but don’t fret, there will likely be other gatherings there too.

And today, Saturn’s day, is our old friend Natalie’s 30th! If you see her out there, make her do *A Shot*. Happy Birthday baby… SNAKES!

Friday, November 14, 2014: THE ROCK SHOP, Brooklyn, NY

Set: A Shot > Savior Self, Kan Eye Tuch U?[1], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[2], More Gain Free Man[3], The Streets of New York City[4], When Will This End?[5], Birthday[6] > Headsteer > Dazed and Confused > Headsteer

Encore: On[7]

[1]Prior to KETU?, John said we are going to try a new one for you and introduced it
[2]Prior to I’ll Be Around, John said “Whoa!” in response to the challenging nature of Kan Eye and then informed the audience that it was Natalie’s birthday at midnight. He then introduced her set-list cup.
[3]At the last break in More Gain before the end, Natalie said “Thank You!” After the ending she introduced Jonathan Granoff on the bass, who really stood out all night but particularly during More Gain as he was leading the jam.
[4]Prior to Streets, John said “Because you are such a lovely audience, we have another new one for you.”
[5]Prior to WWTE? John said, “Thanks for having us, we are Ellis Ashbrook from Brooklyn, NY”. Natalie then introduced WWTE? weirdly, something to the effect of “When was this end?”
[6]Birthday was started in earnest at midnight and the theme was played, but prior to the verse John said, “If this is our last song, it can’t be this” and launched Headsteer.
[7]John thanked the venue and the crowd prior to On and said, “We have just one more for you; we’ll keep it short.”