Show Notes 10.31.15

In keeping with the time travel theme, it’s appropriate that this final gig in this mega write up that brings us all up-to-date, would take place the eve before the end of Daylight Saving Time, when we all get to fall back an hour and regain the hour we lost when we sprung ahead seven months ago. This is an important part of the process as it keeps our calendar in place. If we didn’t, some bizarre occurrence in the fabric of space time might have us totally demented eventually and nothing would make any more sense than it ever, or never, has. We took the hour, now we must give it back; in reality we were only borrowing. Like a clockshifting librarian, or a shapeshift contrarian, or some such. I wanna go back in time! Well guess what, Junior, once a year you can! You can go back sixty minutes exactly, at exactly 2am, on the first Sunday in November. But that’s as close as you are ever going to get sonny boy, not even relativity lets you go back. You can never go back. This is true physically and metaphysically.

Ellis Ashbrook knows this all too well, yet returning to the Boston area always seems like a venture into the past. The venue, Sally O’s was stocked with the familiar faces of the band’s yore and the turn out on all hallows eve was pretty decent, all things considered. Ellis was in the headlining spot, which is always a treat, and got to play a full set, despite the ever-present potential to be screwed over… remember this is Boston: bedtime is a strict 2 am, if not earlier. The extra hour doesn’t make a difference; the meatheads behind the bar need to get home pronto to cry-themselves-to-sleep in a fit of angst ridden, white-man���s-burden (whatever that is), and dream of Patriots Football and Tom Brady’s pretty face.

All that wim wam aside, the band played very well (the trend of late), and the crowd was amped up. People were dancing hard, drinking hard, partying hard, and feeling IT – always a pleasure for everyone. After the show, we all lingered, conversing with old and new friends alike, before making the long trek back to Brooklyn. It was, for sure, an awesome night.

Saturday, October 31, 2015: SALLY O’BRIEN’S, Somerville, MA

Set: The Undeveloped Brain[1], Off The Earth, Desert Raft[2] > Slide, Kan Eye Tuch U?[3][4], Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around)[5], That’s Where You Come In[6], Scarlet Begonias[7] > Fire On The Mountain -> Polaris, So Simple[8] -> Ghostbusters Jam > So Simple

Encore: Frankenstein[9][10]

[1]With Intro Jam
[2]Prior to Raft, Natalie said, “You want that dark shit? It is Halloween; drop D is where we all belong. It’s a difficult world out there, glad you’re here with us to celebrate something; get drunk or not, as you see fit… Hey! John’s wearing furry pants!”
[3]As Jonathan started the intro to KETU?, Natalie said, “Let’s hear it for Jonathan Granoff”
[4]After KETU?, John said, “That’s called Kan Eye Tuch U? and the answer is yes.” Immediately following, Natalie said, “John’s saying that because he’s wearing furry Pants.”
[5]After I’ll Be Around, Jonathan said, �����Costume contest!” Followed by, “Who won the costume contest? Anyone? Anyone?”
[6]After TWYCI, Nat said, “But we got the space station, so it’s all good”
[7]Dedicated to “Huge” Mark “Papa Kush” Kaye, longtime Boston area promoter and close friend of the Band.
[8]By audience request
[9]With Ghostbusters quotes from John and Jonathan
[10]With full band introductions from Natalie during the “big finish”
John: Burner fish-head policeman
Alex: Orange leather Cowboy
Jonathan: Guy Fawkes
Natalie: The Blonde Gypsy