Show Notes 10.18.14

Samhain Eve

Tomorrow marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of the darker season to come. I would posit this happened for us on the second day of October, but officially it begins tomorrow. And with it there will be an epic celebration.

I have procrastinated long enough writing this review of the Bowery Electric show on Oct. 18, but life is funny right now and I simply didn’t have anything to say. Not because the show wasn’t awesome, as it was. Not because the set wasn’t well constructed and executed with aplomb, because that happened too, but writing has been difficult for obvious reasons. So much of my writing in the recent past was either done with her or for her and this great adjustment has left me bereft. I know the words are there, I just feel no great motivation to put them to pixel — with one exception, but that’s another story for another time.

But I will say that tomorrow we celebrate Marissa’s life in the way she wanted more than anything: A return to the sacred basement space of The Space Palace. About a week or two before the inevitable, we were commiserating our lament for the lack of Palace parties and she assured me they would happen again and soon — that she would see to it — and while her method is an example of the most bitter, most painful irony — see to it she did.
Tomorrow, Hallofunkenween, 846 Myrtle, 8pm, $5… be there. 8-10 Chrysalis Series #5 in honor of Marissa Provenza, 10-1 Ellis Ashbrook (2 Sets), 1-4 Afterparty.

Saturday, October 18, 2014: Bowery Electric, New York, NY

Set: When Will This End?, Climax, Bottomfeeder, Savior Self, Happy Birthday to You[1], Off The Earth, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, Desert Raft > Slide, So Simple, Psychic Vampires[2][3]

[1]For Daniel Faria
[2]By Request (Lincoln Major)
[3]Band was forced off stage after Psychic Vampires without taking a proper bow due to massive Matrix themed dance party that was past due to start in the same space

*Please forgive the limited annotations. It won’t happen again.