Show Notes 10.17.15

The following night, we found our way a little north and a little east to the lovely city of Meriden, CT for a private party (that was open to the public) at an authentic German festival house. This was a stocked affair, a Jack & Jill party (something I had never heard of before, but is apparently a bachelor/bachelorette party in one), complete with catered foods and beers and cash bar. The band was hired to play two sets of music to an event of mostly strangers. The outcome was one of the most raucous Ellis shows I have ever been to. The first set was fairly straight forward, containing a long list of Ellis staples with little jamming. It was an extremely well-played and entertaining set. However, the real story here is the second set.

During the long (45 minute) set break, the band decided to try to play only covers in set two, which didn’t exactly happen, but it was close. The result was a nearly continuous hour of music, shifting in and out of songs, jam segments, fragments, fully realized segues and transitions – the band was absolutely applying all of their creative muscle to create an on the fly composition that was the set itself. Akin to some of the finest work I’ve seen Phish do in this vein, Ellis leveled up with this set proving, yet again, their place on the big stage. Here are your annotated Set-lists:

Saturday, October 17, 2015: TURNER HALLE, Meriden, CT

Set One: Polaris, Skunk!, Off The Earth, The Undeveloped Brain[1], Accelerator[2], Decelerator, Mr. Anyone, Slide, Psychic Vampires

Set Two: Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain, Barracuda[3] -> Achilles Last Stand Jam -> Barracuda, Ghostbusters -> So Simple Jam -> Sunshine of Your Love Jam ->So Simple Jam -> Ghostbusters -> Wipeout > So Simple[4][5] -> Whole Lotta Love -> Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Jam > Fire[5] -> Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Jam -> On > Whole Lotta Love

Encore: Tom Sawyer -> Sledgehammer[4]

[1]With intro jam
[2]Prior to Accelerator there was some discussion about whether to play Acc[elerator] or De[celerator], followed by “We always play well in German beer halls, we need to play more lodges, too many bars” from John
[3]With Rhythm is Right lyric tease from John
[4]With Ghostbusters quotes