Show Notes 10.16.15

I Want To Go Back In Time

It’s time for another multi-show write up. One might think that means these shows all share something in common, but if you thought that you’d be dead wrong… dead fucking wrong. These four shows couldn’t be more different. Yet maybe that’s the hidden commonality, for if there were ever a keyword to describe this band, it might be eclectic, but it might also be insane. Maybe that’s why I’m still doing this, maybe that’s why you’re still reading. Maybe the Huey Lewis and the News reference has nothing to do with all this Back to the Future Day nonsense, or maybe it has everything to do with it. Maybe you’re a penguin. Maybe John Barber is a Leopard Seal. Maybe you like orange leather pants, or maybe you prefer glowing fish heads on blond wigs? Or perhaps you’re still trying to remember the fifth of November? It doesn’t matter, because I wanna go back in time!

The first of these shows took place at The Shape Shifter Lounge. Basically it’s a large ground floor room with white walls, pretentious artwork, and snooty personnel. This space would be better suited for Jazz acts, such as Noelle Tannen (who opened for Ellis at this show). Complete with DIY bar, overpriced everything (I enjoyed a $3 club soda – Canada Dry), and orchestra seating; I got to sip on the fizzy water and sit front row at an Ellis Show(backstage credentials not necessary). The one interesting feature at this spot was a full length 7’ grand piano, which was utilized during the set.

The band played very well, despite the strange environs. The set was subdued, featuring many of the quieter numbers in the repertoire. Additionally, the house drum kit was basically a cocktail kit, suitable for the room, but not nearly enough for the big sound we know and love. Here is your annotated set list:

Friday, October 16, 2015: SHAPESHIFTER LAB, Brooklyn, NY

Set: Kan Eye Tuch U?[1], That’s Where You Come In[2], The Streets of New York City[2][3], Peripheral Declination, Ethiopia -> When Will This End?, So Simple[4], Bottomfeeder[2]


[1]John teased Jurassic Park theme prior to KETU?
[2]With Natalie on grand piano
[3]Prior to Streets, Natalie engaged the audience and band in some discussion about the piano and whether or not she should play it. The response was mostly affirmative.
[4]With the “A Team” on horns: Andrew Cowie on Tenor Saxophone and Ash Russell on Trumpet