Show Notes 1.31.14

What is Time?

Time is many things to many of us. In music, time is an essential component: For without the drummer to keep the beat, how will we know when and where to move our dancing feet? In keeping rhythm to interpret time while sojourning to the Space Palace on Friday, each of us was deeply connected on separate but calibrated synchronous rotations around the movements that move us together and apart; in structure and surrender—about a common axis linking these slender threaded spheres—in unison for minutes or even lowly seconds; the pulsing transcendence was all but pervasive as the fragments of space and segments of time moving forward towards common purpose and goal. With exacting expression all these truths have lead here with the singularity of crystal, now clear: If you come into OUR town, we’ll help you party down!
Heady enough? Not really. From my standpoint there are not the right words to fully articulate exactly what went down at the first Palace Party of 2014. Suffice it to say if you are reading this recap in lieu of spending your presence; be very envious of the 130+ attendees, who (while setting a new record) delivered their energy in the communion of music, fellowship, and friends. And while at the Lord’s table performing *miracles* just shy of turning water into wine, Ellis Ashbrook played a set many are saying was one of their best yet. But it’s not too late, because it will happen again in just a few short weeks on 2/22. Run, don’t walk, my friends; stop fooling around; Janbi and AMaj and JG and NLo will be there for certain to perform with aplomb while melting your happy faces and blowing your collective minds.

Friday, January, 31 2014: THE SPACE PALACE, Brooklyn NY

Set: They Say, Don’t Give Up (I’ll Be Around) > Good Time Blues, Skunk!, Snakey Got Demonized Big Time, Polaris, So Simple[1] -> Sunshine of Your Love > So Simple, 22, When Will This End?[2][3], What is Thinking?

Encore: Psychic Vampires[4][5], Frankenstein[6]

[1] Many Sunshine of your Love “full-riff” quotes from John in what appeared to be a relentless call to the rest of the band to form a segue proper, which eventually succeeded and resulted in a full band segue followed by a clean key-change into to SOYL
[2] Prior to WWTE, there was extended banter from Natalie including allusions to the battle for song choice splintering the band at the moment (sides were Natalie/Alex vs. John/Jon). Additionally, Natalie thanked the rest of the band by name and all those in attendance.
[3] Slightly different vocal harmonies from Natalie
[4] Prior to encore, Blackbird tease from John
[5] After Psychic Vampires there was extended banter from John including a special thanks to Justin Bieber while encouraging the crowd to stay and have fun after the show, but remember that he lives here so everyone should “be cool���.
[6] Groove is in the Heart vocal quotes from John