Show Notes 1.25.14

John Lennon famously said “Love is all you need” and after tonight those words are ringing true in all of our ears��� or maybe it was the formidable sound of Ellis Ashbrook as they took to the stage for the first time in 2014 and positively blew the doors off Manchester 65 in otherwise sleepy West Warwick, RI that has left a little ringing, a little pulsing, and a minor case of tinnitus within our cranial spaces?! No matter, the point was clear from the first ripping chords at 12:07AM that Ellis remains — HUGE — as the room was filled with much love at this ostensibly hometown show. The vibe was pure, connected, and LOUD! Those who were born to rock appreciated every second of what became a show heavily peppered with material off the forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled album and 2011’s “Meridia”. If tonight is any indication of the future, 2014 will be a very good year indeed! Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 25, 2014: MANCHESTER 65, West Warwick, RI

Set: On, Polaris, Peripheral Declination, Out on the Tiles, Birthday[1] > Accelerator[2], The Undeveloped Brain[3][4], Burning Down the House, 22[5]

Encore: Dig Thru[6]

[1] Prior to Birthday, John announced that it was officially (long time friend of the band) Avijit Datta’s 30th birthday and everyone should buy him a drink
[2] Additional Birthday shout outs to Datta, including John asking the crowd to “help him have fun”
[3] With intro-jam
[4] Tweezer tease from John
[5] 22 was dedicated to the gestating child of former Ellis and current *Left Hand Does* multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Ryan Gildea and his wife Nikki, including the message from John that �����boy or girl, they will be able to hear this song in there.”
[6] Prior to Dig Thru several audience requests were made, including “What is Thinking?” by its oft mistook “alternate” title “What is Time?”, prompting Natalie to quip “What IS Time?”