We Laughin’

You don’t know that I’ve got plans for you
This best friend ship is on the run
And since the days past by I’m noticing
That you are the best ninja of all time.

Time does not affect our purpose
Because in my car, across the world
We laughing’
(sometimes I’ve noticed that it seems to be always)
And I’ve noted the things I’ve learned about the world
And in you eyes and through your smile and laughing

Next month I’m home I’ve got plans for you
Let’s go to the park over lunch
(over lunch, our lunch)
You know the bridge there where we used to be
And watch the sunset over a nice blunt
(sunset over lunch)

But Life does not afford enough space
If I can call you when people fall
We laughing’

I’d better say I’ll make plans with you
You’ve got your own life I’m aware
But if you want to go to exotic places
See lots of faces
I’m there.