I dream as often as someone in love
It’s been a ride to see the stars from above
But engine tines need strength to handle the flame
and then some things aren’t the same

So I must go
To fight other battles
Leaving my fists behind
Feeling the rain
Rub the mug from my body

I will not soften as you might expect
It’s been a world sometimes to see regret
But it is better to count your blessings and trek thru life

Cross inspection, fourth dimension
Left a wrench out in the rain
Pulled the block down, turned the lights out
Breathed into you fire and flame
Pass the night out, burn the bright down
Leave the ambers wax and wane
Push the arms ’round, hold my back down
Make the fruits of life in fame

So I must go
to fight other battles
Leaving my fists and obsessions of life behind
Feeling the rain rub the mud from my body