With the rolling hills and seas they lay
Heads turn perpetually astray
What light waves, flashes, and draws me nearer?

I see
all that I need
when I
open my eyes

Let me take time, let me watch my looks
Let me live every moment in the now, starting now
While I scratch this out and that the smoke pours from your mouth
Be the mount and beauty that made it great in the first place
I’d build rockets just to have another party at our place
With the people and the crowd and the crates and the circle
help them get down
get down, get down.

Don’t move, don’t speak it’s like heaven
Hold on to me
Like light, like heat it can take you
Farther than Free

Touch to brush
And fill her hair
Deep inviting night
So precarious
What fashion eases you into the awesome light?

I see
all that I need
when I
open my eyes