The Undeveloped Brain

Happiness also means that we are blind

Some gain experience through different states of being sometimes

Divided we are connected, but how I’m not so sure

If the unconscious is collective then the mind must be pure


Breathing is a vital function, someday that may change

The inner madness of the space between our brains will somehow rearrange

But let’s not take for granted these states that make us whole

And embrace the gift of drifting silence deep in us all


Would the universe notice if my spirit suddenly died?

Perhaps that there is nothing except electricity filters inside

Communication is a function of the undeveloped brain

And though it’s shorting out, there’s no noticeable change


So live and feel blessed and think about all the dead lives at rest

Every time we relieve our stress, we make progress

In a trance state everlasting visions linger

And the rings around our fingers cease to shine in the ground


Nothing’s for certain

Hold onto progress

What for?

What you’ve accomplished

You haven’t lost it

Lose your mind


Nothing is for certain

But I know that this is not forever

My mind, my mind won’t stay together

If I unravel will the threads fall apart

Or will they never?

You haven’t lost it

But I’ve never been so afraid of never