Psychic Vampires

Fellow unconscious corporate slaves, hear me out:
There is never a drought of intellectual fervor lingering without
It is in the doubt of this that the mindless drone rings about us, eternally
Hold your temptations close to me and I’ll feel them out
There is and there isn’t a reason to scream and shout
You make the decision for yourself

I won’t let Psychic Vampires in my home
I won’t let dead bodies outline me with chalk
I won’t let pointless autographs in my heart
Open up my chakras and I’m gone


I pray that you don’t drown yourself out too much
It’s a dangerous world when the T.V.’s blaring
We’ll be fine I think, if we don’t get caught up
in the thick static surrounding my eye (the most important kind)

Open up our chakras and we’re gone