Take that first step and the doors close behind you

Take a seat by the window and turn out the lights

Well you’ve bought your ticket, now enjoy the ride

Take every second of getting there to make up your mind


Impulsive hand quickly searches for light

You’re losing sight of the playground you made up in your mind

Well hold tight hold steady there’s no easier ride

Just take the myriad of dreams that you keep locked up inside


Abandon the pattern (the more that I give)

To the wind (to the wind)

Up to the balance (the more that I take)

The infinite grid


It’s just every secret must up high contrive the humankind

Electric toast shows you the host how to talk to the ghost

And learn the most

We’ll feed it good

Read it books

Til the night it cages in


The more I give out (the more that I give)

The less I give in (to the wind)

The less I see wrong

The more we can win (the more that I give)