What did I do to deserve all of this?
White and rich
Sitting in my own holiday
Flies on their food
They pray for someone like me to come and save
What did they ever do to deserve all of that
Well life’s not fair, they say,An excuse
But no one seems to care anyway
And I’ve traded poverty and pestilence
for the guilt in my head
On this bright, sunny holiday

Ethiopia is a place that I’ve heard about

Preacherman waits for his guy to come down
and crown him for waiting so patiently
Me I sit and I know that I know nothingBut another painful, hungry, weak weekday slips away
Across the globe, so I’m told
and I know that all this bullshit I say
Product placement days andwaiting for their piece of pie to cool on their window sill
Still we say that life was never fair
And the only ones who want to help are just the ones that save themselves

Ethiopia is a place that I’ve heard about on T.V.