Desert Raft


Seems like days since we have come to rest

Search me

Scent of wealth I watch you sweat to death

You can’t stop your eyes ruled by your mind


Illuminate the way

Discourse aside we ride

Forever changes

Cataclysm fated

Interrupt the lust

Fanfare aside we ride

Forever wages

Don’t spend a lifetime waiting


‘Cause when it all seems to weigh

On a desert raft

It’ll all seem today

A long laugh


Brick hits smashing up a trade name

Clutter circulates

Can’t help stop this run into bright red

The road of rust settles

We take the bucket down

Breaking new ground with the hands that grasp belief

Big raft buried in the desert carries water weight

Sunken gems spit clean and locked away

We take it all down to the bottom

Softest aqua green

Sink the bucket

Let the hands breathe



Were you long when you take on home tonight?

You’ve got your bottle and your dreams aligned