6.16.16 Show Notes

Your Hands and Feet Are Mangoes, You’re Gonna Be a Genius Anyway

I don’t know, folks, but as folklore would have it, the winds of change are in the air, and I would suspect that there may be less and less of these en el futuro; so enjoy them while they’re here, before they’re gone gone gone… que lastima, indeed.

The first show had us at The Hall at MP—a newish swank spot in Will-burgh that is all the rage, and all the fun of a real club with the lights, the sound, the high prices, the sexy bartenders, and all that noise. It is exciting to see the EA perform in such a place, for the second time now, as it adds a certain amount of professionalism to the gig, and the people were there to groove and dance and what not.

And to top that off, the band itself, or themselves (depending on context), was in fine form! Really delivering the goods; pouring on the groove sauce, and making it stick. Yeah! We like it when it sticks, don’t we?! That oozy sticky sensation we get when we are in the mode, the groove, feeling the energy, feeling the love, the freedom, the free-love—saucy indeed.

The next show is in Boston coming up in two weeks. After that Natalie Lowe is leaving NYC for Midwestern shores as she has just announced on her Facebook page, so the future of this incarnation of Ellis Ashbrook may be up in the air. I recommend getting to that show in Boston to see it again. I am also able to report that the still untitled 4th Ellis Ashbrook album, replete with songs you already know and love, is nearing completion as well. So stay tuned, things are happening that may seem in opposition, but isn’t that just the nature of life and all things anyway? Fodder for future floundering, friends. Here is your annotated set list:

Thursday June 16, 2016: THE HALL AT MP, Brooklyn, NY

Set: No Please Don’t Watch, The Undeveloped Brain, Kan Eye Tuch U?[1][2], Peripheral Declination[3], Climax[4], On[5], Dig Thru[6]

Encore: So Simple[7]

[1]KETU banter from Natalie, asking the audience, “Can I touch you?” and the song is called “Kan Eye Tuch U?”
[2]No bass intro
[3]Prior to PD there was classic “Major in the front/Major in the back” banter from band and audience
[4]Prior to Climax, John dedicated it to the fans, and Natalie commented that this was her 10th Anniversary with the band, which has been determined to be approximate, but in the ballpark.
[5]Prior to On, the song choice was being deliberated heavily and taking some time, Natalie responded by saying, “We have to wait for the meeting of the mystics”
[6]Prior to Dig Thru, “My heart is pounding” quip from Natalie
[7]With Sean O’Connor on Alto Saxophone